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Sarah Hyland was a famous singer and actress in the seventies. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she enjoyed a long acting career, which began when she was cast in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. After several years as a member of the Broadway cast, she decided to make a name for herself in Hollywood. She went to the prestigious Los Angeles School of Performing Arts where she studied acting. After graduation, Sarah Hyland pursued several different acting jobs, including appearances on Broadway, but did not receive any notice from Hollywood.

After several years working in television, Sarah Hyland decided to try her hand at writing, penning songs for several songs, such as Hotel California and Lemonade. She also wrote for numerous artists, including the Fats Dominoes band. However, her biggest break would come in the form of a role on TV’s Lipstick Jungle, playing the first female lead character. She would play a character that was horribly obese, which propelled her into the limelight as a fashion trendsetter.

Sarah’s long acting career would peak in the late seventies and early eighties with the likes of Come As You Are and Love Actually. Her appearance on the lips of David Letterman may have been the catalyst for her career. In the aforementioned episode of Lip Sync Battle, Sarah Hyland lip sync battled with Jon Bon Jovi, until finally winning the challenge. In this episode, Sarah plays the role of a spin doctor who cures other people for various ailments. She later becomes known as a cosmetic surgeon in her own right.

In September of 2017, Sarah Hyland celebrates her golden age in tv by receiving an honorary degree from the acclaimed School of Visual and Performing Arts. The illustrious institution bestowed the honor to her after she became a member of their school’s jury. During the ceremony, Sarah Hyland addressed the graduates and expressed her gratitude to the television station for granting her this honor.

It is evident that Sarah Hyland has enjoyed a great level of success since her days on Lip Sync Battle. However, some of her more recent roles have proven that she has not lost her passion for performing. She is currently up for a role in the movie adaptation of the Tarzan book. Others also believe that Sarah Hyland could end up playing a major role in the upcoming Fantastic Four film. No further details have been released as of yet, but fans can be sure that we will keep an eye on any new developments.

Based on the successful book series, The Resistance, the movie will likely follow the story lines of the previous TV films. The first novel in the series was released in 2014, while the second installment was released in 2015. Based on the source material, the upcoming release will likely be an exciting and successful outing for Sarah Hyland!

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