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Ciara is a famous American entertainer, singer, dancer, and actress. She was born in Fort Hood, Texas. She joined the girl band Hearsay in the early to mid ’80s, traveling all over the world while growing up. Her first major break came with the release of her self-titled album, which peaked at number twenty on the pop chart.


For many teens, Ciara has become something of a celebrity, thanks to her appearance on The Apprentice, which she appeared on along with former quarterback Tim Rattlage. The show ended its seven-season run on April 14, 2021. Through her many appearances on The Apprentice, she became known as a fierce competitor, with one major downfall: she was not allowed to compete in the Masters Swimsuit competition because it was thought that she was too large. Ciara overcame that obstacle by becoming a trainer for swimwear for overweight people and continuing to work with her acting career.


When Ciara turned twenty-one in July of 2021, she was celebrating her ninth wedding anniversary with her husband Joe Giraldo, when they were expecting their first child together. On July 7, they were in Costa Rica when their plane crashed. According to the airline, the couple lost their belongings, as well as their lives, but positively identified their bodies after a search by the Costa Rican navy. The plane had been fitted with seat belts for both passengers, which could have prevented the crash, but none of the injuries the passengers sustained posed any risk to themselves or to those around them.


Ciara is currently married to Giraldo and has two children. Their wedding was documented in a documentary titled, “Ciara: My Beautiful Baby” and was released in theaters in March of 2021. It featured both Ciara and her children, Jaya and Kaylee, and their mother, Marta. The movie was produced by Mara Leverington through her own production company, which raised over forty thousand dollars to promote the film. The band that made up the “Ciara” band was also part of the production and were on stage performing their original song, “Love Takes Wing”, as well as some new songs.


“Ciara: My Beautiful Baby” received positive reviews from most audiences and critics who viewed the film, as well as winning several awards at various film festivals. The album quickly reached number one on the sales charts and went gold. The band’s fifteen minutes of music featured on the DVD makes this a must-see film. In the DVD, you can also find a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film and some fun deleted scenes.


As the star of a popular reality series and a famous singer, there is no doubt that Ciara has the looks to make any woman drool over. However, what many people may not know is that Ciara started out in the music industry as a boy called Davy Lanza. When she was a teen, she was scouted by several recording executives who were so impressed with her talent that they signed her to their label. Today, Ciara is one of the best-selling recording artists right now. The “Ciara” single from the latest album will be hitting the stores tomorrow, so go ahead and buy yourself some copies to enjoy the musical thrills of Ciara.

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