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Madeline Carroll was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a versatile performer and singer who has appeared in some movies. Madeline is best known as the glamorous young love interest in the novel and movie, Love, Boots. She is the image of a beautiful young woman throughout the history of her career.

Madeline was a cast member of the television show, The X Files, for five seasons. From the start she was instantly popular, thanks in no small part to her stunning good looks, her flawless complexion, her sassiness, and the fact that she tended to do well in the shows’ FBI office. From the sixth season she began to develop a stardom for her roles in movies, and in particular, one movie which would later become known as Madeline’s Baby. This movie was Flip, and the name of the movie was coincidentally the same as Madeline’s birthstone.

There were several other memorable roles on the series that helped Madeline rise to stardom status. She played the lead role in the acclaimed film, Edward Scissorhands, which was later made into a stage play and then a feature length movie. She also had supporting roles in movies such as Bigelow, Eat Pray Love, and Edward Scissorhands. She also spent a large amount of time on the television series, recurring as the evil nurse in the popular TV series, Grey’s Anatomy.

Throughout her acting career, Madeline spent time in Los Angeles, playing various parts including the evil nurse in the movie, Housefull. Madeline also appeared in the TV series, Bonanza, as well as appearing in the movies Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Pursuit of Happyness, and A Few Good Men. She is, perhaps, most known as the unforgettable witch in the Harry Potter series who castigatingly hexed Mr. Weasley (wartshire wizard, Ronald Weasley) in the fourth book.

Madeline’s professional acting career is marked by various famous films, which include The Perfect Storm, Madeline and Me, and High School Confidential. Additionally, Madeline was one of the original members of the cast of The Munsters, which was a hugely popular spin-off of the successful TV series, The Munsters. She also appeared in the films’ Porky’s Pets, The Damned United, and Edward Scissorhands. Madeline is best known for her roles in the aforementioned movies; however, she has also been known to play minor supporting characters. Madeline’s notable supporting roles may have contributed to her becoming an even more renowned and recognizable personality in the world of entertainment.

Madeline is scheduled to make two more appearances in the world of Hollywood, playing opposite Matt Damon in the movie version of The Bucket List and working with Tom Hanks on the upcoming Searching for Bobby Fischer biopic. Madeline is also expected to star alongside Jason Lee in the crime thriller Once You’re Gone, a project which will most likely compete with the Spider-Man and Fantastic Four franchises for the attention of the audience this summer. Hopefully, we will see a lot more of Madeline in the coming years!

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