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Gina Gershon is a Peruvian-American actress. She has appeared in the movies Red Heat, Cocktail, Showgirls, Bound, Face/Off and The Insider. She also has had supporting roles in FX’s Rescue Me, HBO’s How to Make it in America and FX’s The Sopranos. In 2021, she appeared in the award-winning feature film, Forbidden Planet.

Gershon first arrived in Los Angeles as an uncredited actor after receiving her first acting scholarship from the University of Southern California. While attending USC she worked on sets in both the fashion industry and also as an assistant to a famous interior decorator. Gershon decided to pursue an acting career full time, and in her native Peru she landed several acting positions, including uncredited roles in Romance and Me.

After breaking into the Hollywood scene in the late eighties, Gershon made a name for herself by playing the lead role in the musical Hair. Her small, yet significant role earned her the notice of producers who were searching for Peru’s version of Broadway. She had substantial roles in subsequent shows, such as Swing High School Musical, Rounders, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Grease: An American Musical. Eventually, her small but noticeable role in the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure paved the way for her memorable turn as Ginger.

When Gershon attended UCLA in the eighties, she found that her acting abilities were far from being what she expected. After growing disappointed with her lack of performance, but was happy to find that she was starting to be recognized by the entertainment industry, she decided to pursue her acting career further. After graduating from UCLA in the early eighties, she decided that it was time to pursue her dream of entering the profession professionally and so began pursuing theater auditions. During these auditions she discovered a few things which really helped her hone her craft. Among other things, learning to speak Spanish allowed her to be able to present herself better on stage, and also gave her more opportunities to work with larger groups of people. It is important to remember that it is never too late to begin to progress professionally, even if you have been working in the small or medium field all your life

During the course of her acting career Gina Gershon continued to find more roles, and even landed some small acting roles on television. However, it was her breakout role in Elastica that propelled her into stardom, and she went on to play the same character in a number of other successful movies. Later, when she decided to try her hand at Hollywood film, she discovered that there were many more roles available for women, which allowed her to progress through the ranks. Throughout her entire career as an actress, Gershon displayed a level of versatility and was able to display a range of emotions throughout her films. Her ability to emotionally connect with the characters she was portraying was what helped her succeed in the difficult and competitive field of the movie industry.

Gershon then went on to star in a number of uncredited movies such as The Cutthroat Kid, where she starred alongside future Star Wars legend George Lucious. Other uncredited films included Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Love Actually, Trading Places, and You Can’t Take It With You. Later in her career, Gershon would voice parts in the animated movies Shrek and Finding Nemo, as well as lending her voice to the television series Family Guy. She also gained popularity with uncredited roles in movies like Saturday Night Fever, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Her final uncredited role would be in the musical The Nutcracker, which won four Academy Awards and became one of the most beloved musicals of all time.

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