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Embeth Davidtz is an American actor. Her first screen role was in the acclaimed film’s Army of Darkness and Schindler’s List. Then she appeared in the TV show Matilda. She went on to star in the Harry Potter films and has also been nominated for an Academy Award for her work in the film industry.

It is hard to pick a best selling actresses out of all of the great actors and actresses that have graced our screens over the years. However, one woman who is always a favorite amongst critics and audience members alike, is Embeth Davidtz. Below are some of the facts about the lovely actresses that you may not have known about her.

The first fact about Embeth Davidtz that we are going to discuss here is her upbringing in South Africa. As a child, she was a passionate fan of the Apartheid regime. For this reason, her breakout role in the film’s Brides and later in the TV drama Deception, was playing the role of a waitress. This character was a big break for her in the acting business, as it showed her ability to take charge and run an establishment while still holding strong opinions for the cause of freedom.

The second character, we are going to discuss here is her English ancestry. An image of an empowered black woman has always been created by actresses with an English heritage through her parents and other relatives. For Embeth Davidtz, her roots started in the English speaking nation of England. Her mother was also from England and had been a maid for several years before she was able to get a break. As a result of her humble background, she was able to live a simple life but managed to rise above it to become one of the best actresses of our time.

The third character, we are going to talk about is her breakthrough role as the unforgettable figure of Mathieu Dafoe in the hit TV movie Citizen Baines. Dafoe played the role of a corrupt public servant who rises to be an important public figure in the city of Cote D’ Vaquerier. As he went on to star in a number of successful movies including Thula and It’s a Shame, Embeth Davidtz became familiar with the multi-culturalism that the French people pride themselves with. She had actually auditioned for a part in a French soap opera in order to fulfill her quota for African characters that must be featured in a TV movie in order for the producers to get their message across to the world.

We can conclude that the role of a spoiled straight white girl from south Africa in the hit television shows of the 21st century is not the first and nor is it the last. There are more surprises for us yet to come from the diverse world of theatre, films, TV serials and books. In the next part of this article, we will discuss the role ofEmbeth Davidtz in the multi-cultural society of north Africa. Are you ready?

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