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Barsha Raut Measurements: Body, Bra, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

First published in 2003, Barsha Raut was one of the initial successful attempts at producing a biographical book on Indian politics. Now it is an upcoming Hindi movie starring Ranbir Kapoor. The book first became famous when it was short-listed for the Man Booker Prize. It languished in the final selection until late in the night of 2004 when a late night edition of a popular television show on channel 4 carried it. After that the book’s popularity rocketed. Now it is expected to bag not just the Man Booker Prize but also the Golden Globe and thethood award.

Barsha Raut was born in Nepal, the youngest of six children of Hindu families which were originally from the state of Bihar. She is described by one of her sisters as a sweet and loving child who would often play with her siblings and would sing nursery rhymes to sleep. But Barsha’s path in life would be far different from that of most other children in the family. She would also turn out to be an accomplished actress, winning several awards for her roles in different movies.

Barsha Raut is now an accomplished actress, born and bred in Nepal. But her humble beginning and the attention she received for her performances in small movies did not deter her from portraying high spirited characters in her professional life. She rose to prominence within a year of her initial success when she won the first of three consecutive Best Actress awards for playing the lead role in a film that was set up by Prabhas Chawung, the leading Bengali film star at the time. This award marked Barsha Raut’s entrance into the exclusive circle of talented young actresses whose names today bear the honor of being posted along with the Statue of Liberty on New York’s Ellis Island.

Barsha Raut

Barsha Raut Measurements

Figure Measurements 35-26-36 inches
Body Size 35 inches (89 cm)
Bra Size  34B
Waist Size 24 in / 61 cm
Hips Size 36 inches (91 cm)
Shoe Size  7.5 (US)
Height 5′ 5″/168 cm.
Weight 56 Kg or 123.5 lbs

After winning a number of accolades, it is but natural for an actress like Barsha Raut to want to take an even bigger step in her career. That first step towards stardom was to sign up for an active role in a major Bengali movie which she could relate with on a personal level. It was through this connection with one of her childhood playmates that Barsha Raut finally decided to make her name known to the world. In her first professional role, she played the lead role in the acclaimed ‘Nepali’ which was later made famous by Rajkumar Kohli. Now, Nepali has grown into one of the best selling films of all time, making Raut a name in the industry.

Raut next worked with some of the biggest names in Indian cinema when she was cast in the hit comedy ‘Mansa’. It was later followed by appearances in another hit comedy ‘Chhota chaatra’ as well as the blockbuster comedy ‘Ek Maratha’ and last but not the least in the award winning film ‘Singh in King.’ All these apart, Barsha Raut has gone on to star in a number of high-budget films, including the superhit ‘Singh Saatchi’ and the action-packed ‘Dhangra?’

This year, Barsha Raut will be seen opposite Aishwarya Rai in the award winning film ‘Nanban’. Already the name of this actress is well recognized by people across India and she has bagged herself a second Best Supporting Actress award along with the Best actress award for the same film. And, who can forget that this young girl from Barsha’s childhood has bagged yet another Best Supporting Actress award along with the coveted Best Actor prize for the same role. It is truly a wonder to see the dedication this little kid has for her acting career and we are sure to see many more award winning performances from Barsha Raut in the near future.

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