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Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is an American entertainer and model. Born in Southern California, she grew up in Encinitas, California and currently resides in Miami, Florida. She has also been married to a football player, Frank Kern, since 1993. Prior, to that she was an aspiring singer/dancer/actor who appeared in many stage shows and commercials.

Eva Longoria Biography is centered on her life and works as an actress, singer and songwriter. She is best known for her starring role as the title character in the movie, Gorilla Life. She went on to play the lead role in the musical adaptation of the same name as well as the lead role in the critically acclaimed Kung Fu Panda film. Eva Longoria is currently reprising her role as Madame Fate in the live action remake of the same name in the second half of 2021.

Eva Longoria’s first and most memorable role was that of Donna in the movie Gorilla Life. She played the role of an ambitious, though not very bright and intelligent but failed actress who failed to find anything substantial in her acting career. She was repeatedly told by those who knew her that she would never find a role in Hollywood because of her lack of talent or something like that. She instead turned to singing and performing various acts that were often paraded as part of her act, including singing at various weddings and nightclubs as well as doing impressions of various famous people. This finally got her the breakout role that would eventually earn her the notice of producers and directors.

In the musical Gorilla Life, Longoria plays the role of Desiree, a dancer who is hired by a company to perform at their annual party. Although she knows that she lacks the talent that is needed for the job, she goes ahead with the performance nonetheless and ends up falling in love with one of the men from the company in the end. This is when Gorilla Life plays itself. The musical revolves around the life of Desiree and how the company deals with her and how she falls in and out of love with different people over the course of the song.

Eva Longoria’s most important role to date then has been her excellent performance as Tony in the movie Pleasantville. She played the character of the head honcho at the beginning, having a terrible childhood and getting divorced several times before getting a new start as an actress and a happy mother figure to her son. After her marriage to Sam Freeman (Blythe Sonny Rose) in the later half of the movie, she has developed a serious attraction for him and even confided in him about wanting to be a mother. It was this character that helped Longoria achieve her best known role to date, that of Tony. She had previously played the character of Sweet Pea in the movie Meet The Parents.

Longoria is definitely one of the best acting talents that you’ll come across in the entertainment biz today. Her career has spanned two decades and she’s managed to tread water with grace. Her diverse acting skills have seen her playing a villain in a few films and also some extremely sweet characters. She’s also been known to play lovable characters such as the irrepressible Chocolat in Charlie Brown: The Movie and Nurse Jackie. She’s most known for her leading roles in the Friends and Seinfeld TV show and, of course, her long-time association with the Whitey Joneses.

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