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Willa Holland Measurements: Body, Bra, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

Willa Holland is an American professional actress and model. Her most notable role to date is that of Kaitlin Cooper on the Fox television series The O.C. She has also been seen in such films as Baby Did A Bad Thing, Dazed And Confused, The Pursuit of Happyness, and High School Reunion. In all these films, Holland appears quite often as a romantic lead, which makes her even more popular. Willa Holland trivia will show that her star at the moment is that of singer Avril Lavigne.

Willa Holland had a rather humble beginning to her acting career, and despite being cast as one of the leads in several movies, she was unable to break into the realm of movies directed by Steven Spielberg. After several failed attempts, Willa Holland decided to try her hand at something else, and she landed herself a role in the television series Granite Mountain. This TV series lasted only one season, but it gave birth to the concept of the Willa Holland character of Avril Lavigne. Since that time, she has gone on to play several different characters in various films, including a love interest for Jack Nicholson’s character in The Mask, as well as countless other roles that have proven successful throughout her entire acting career.

As an individual, Willa Holland’s career path is rather interesting. She began as an actress on television shows such as The Billie Jean Jackson Show, until the show was cancelled after one episode. Following the cancellation of the show, Holland continued to appear on television, doing a number of guest spots on shows such as American Gold, The Incredible Hulk, and The Nanny. After the success of her appearances on the series, Willa Holland went on to star in the movie remake of Beauty And The Beast, which was poorly received by both critics and movie goers. Although the movie was not a box office hit, it did receive positive reviews from critics, who felt that the film was much better than the original version. Following the failed performance of her American Idol appearances, Willa Holland decided to take a break from the limelight, and concentrate on building up her net worth.

Willa Holland Pic
Willa Holland Pic

Willa Holland Measurements

Figure Measurements 34-24-34 in
Body Size 31 in / 81 cm
Bra Size 31 in / 81 cm
Waist Size 24 in / 61 cm
Hips Size 33 in
Shoe Size 6.5 (US)
Height 5 ft 7 in / 170 cm
Weight 123 lb / 56 kg

Willa Holland then decided to return to her role as the cynical and sassy American girl on Granite Mountain, which was a role that she had excelled at previously. However, Willa Holland seemed to want a change of scenery, and in order to achieve this, she decided to get out into the world, and start working with the professionals that she had once loved. Willa Holland also decided to do a stint on Broadway, playing the lead role in the play Nobody Poops, which was written by award winning playwright Arthur Miller. After the play proved to be a huge flop, Willa Holland decided to give up her acting career, and concentrate on her writing. She has since written several best-selling novels, including the highly acclaimed The Naked Face.

So what has Willa Holland been up to? Recently, Willa Holland was spotted having a night out with her friend, photographer Michaelangelo Glickman, at a trendy New York City restaurant. During the course of the evening, the Hollywood beauties apparently performed at least five songs, drinking champagne, and dining on a very entertaining meal. The pictures that have been circulating on Instagram and other social media websites seem to show that Willa Holland was enjoying herself, during her recent Hollywood break. It is clear that she is now focused on building upon her professional career and looking to establish a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Willa Holland is no stranger to enjoying herself on the social networking site, where she is regularly posting pictures of herself and other celebrities. Willa Holland has recently posted several pictures of herself at a New York club, where she is dancing with fellow celebs. Willa Holland’s net worth is not all that bad for a 29-year-old actress, considering the fact that she is one of the more popular faces on Instagram. Now it is just a matter of establishing a name for oneself in the entertainment industry, and Willa Holland seems to be doing just that.

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