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Carla Gugino is a quintessential American actor. After appearing in several films popular with children, such as The Mouseketeer, Friday the 13th, Finding Nemo, and The Princess and the Frog, she finally received widespread notice for her stellar acting roles as Ingrid Bergman in the Spy Kids franchise, rea Hymes in This Boy’s Life and River Phoenix in A Few Good Men. Now, Gugino has decided to make a biographical film about her life.

Called Carla: A Pilgrimage, the project is directed by Bernardo di Caprio, with a screenplay by Alexey Uzhakov. The movie revolves around the life of Carla Gugino, an American actress and dancer who became a superstar during the disco era. She also became one of the most recognized Italian actors of her time, winning four Academy Awards for her performances in One, Two, and Three. However, her career was not without its dark moments.

As a child, Gugino was often criticized for her thin figure and small hands, which resulted in her needing several sets of dental implants over the course of her lifetime. But perhaps even more importantly, Gugino’s life was also consumed by the public’s fascination with finding her many lost memories in her old home in Encinitas, California, which became the setting for many fantasy movies, such as The Girl Who Played With Cats and Blood Hunter. Gugino would go on to star in several more Hollywood films, most notably Those Are Only Looking For Me, A Few Good Men, and Bloodhunter.

In Bloodhunter, Gugino plays the role of a cold, calculating, and lethal killer, who becomes obsessed with finding the real killers of her mother and former lover, Francisco Scaramanga (David Strathairn). As the movie progresses, it becomes clear that Carla Gugino has many hidden depths, as her emotional state shifts from the devastated grief of her past to an anger-driven desire for revenge against Scaramanga and those who ordered the hit on her mother. However, Carla’s past is revealed to be a part of the greater scheme of things in the sin city of California, as a secret laboratory is created to create a substance that can kill demons. When Carla goes to meet her friend and ex-lover Joanna Maran (Airesradoro), whom she had not seen since her college days, the chemistry student discovers that the formula used to produce the new chemical is identical to the one used to mass-produce the cocaine that was destroying her family.

In her Italian descent years, Gugino certainly has an impressive resume. Her many credited works include the feature film A Fish called Per La Perdeta, as well as She’s Not All That, and the television show Mom. These and other films not only gained Gugino acclaim as an actress but also led her to hone her acting skills with a stint in the theater. This experience would prove useful when it came time to hone her acting chops for what would become such memorable roles as those in The Bad Seed, and The Taking of Tonight.

Carla Gugino’s two previous Italian films, namely The Girl With One Red Shoe and The Woman Who Played With Men, failed to do well at the box office, but did manage to garner critical acclaim and awards. With this in mind, it should be easy to see why audiences are eager for Carla Gugino to return to the big screen and plays her iconic role as the headstrong yet troubled American agent in The Girl With One Red Shoe. Will she be able to recreate the appeal and power of her previous appearances? Only time will tell. For now, all eyes are on The Girl With One Red Shoe, and Carla Gugino’s first leading role in an Italian American film since The Taking of Tonight.

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