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Willa Holland was born in Brooklyn, New York City and was raised in Southern California. Willa Holland is currently an American actor and singer. She has been recognized for her various roles as Kaitlin Cooper on the Fox television show The O.C., Agnes Andrews on The CW’s Gossip Girl, and Aqua in the award-winning Kingdom Hearts. Willa Holland has also gained attention for her portrayal of the lead character Alice on the television series Lost.

In 1992 Willa Holland moved to Los Angeles, California and became a successful actress in both the film and television industry. Although Willa Holland was more focused on her role in the film industry, she also was able to develop strong ties with the music industry. Willa Holland has recorded several songs that have been certified gold and achieved success in both the music industry and the film industry.

In the fifth season of the popular television program The OC, Willa Holland played the role of Elena, a Brazilian single mother who moved to the United States to raise her son. Elena developed feelings for Martin, whom she had never met, but over the course of the series, Willa Holland learned about their relationship and fell in love with Martin. In the sixth season, Elena went on a trip to Brazil and remained there for the next seven years. Her husband then took Willa Holland to Argentina, where they had a brief stint. Elena then returned to the United States and decided to reunite with her former lover.

Throughout the seventh season of The OC, Willa Holland learned more about her love life and married Miguel Recuenzo. Willa Holland appeared in one episode of the final season of Kingdom Hearts as herself, dating Miguel. At the end of the episode, Willa Holland collapsed and died from a heart attack. According to rumors, Willa Holland died from a massive heart attack brought on by jealousy because of her relationship with Miguel. Her death came just one day after the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, which is in pre-production in the United States.

In the eighth season of Kingdom Hearts Birth, Willa Holland was promoted to a full-time cast member. Willa Holland’s rise to stardom occurred right at the beginning of the new season. Willa Holland was featured in the episodes “Reunion” and “The Tower.” Willa Holland began to receive critical acclaim for playing the character of Elena, which resulted in her receiving an additional episode where she was mentioned. Willa Holland also received an additional two episodes of guest star billing for the final season of Kingdom Hearts Birth.

During the ninth season of Kingdom Hearts Birth, Willa Holland would again play the role of Elena. However, this time she would not appear in any episodes due to a scheduling conflict with the show’s director. This would mark the first time that an actress would leave the show due to personal issues. While some have suggested that the reason for Willa Holland’s departure may have to do with her health, others believe that it may have more to do with the fame that was associated with the role of Willa Holland, and how it distracted her from focusing on her acting job.

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