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Welcome to Teletalk Bangladesh Limited, we all know Teletalk is a state-owned mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh. This company was initially called B Mobile but later the name was changed for some reason. And after the change it was named Teletalk. Now it is known as Teletalk.

This Teletalk mobile phone service company has been established since 2004. In other words, this company started its journey in 2004. The launch date is December 29. Teletalk is the only state-of-the-art mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh.

This post is only for those of you who use Teletalk mobile phone service provider Teletalk SIM. Those who have problems with anything related to balance check minutes SMS check to use Teletalk SIM will read this post carefully.

Teletalk Balance Check

There are many people who use Teletalk SIM but forgot to check their balance. I can’t remember the Teletalk balance check code at all. Many times all these codes are forgotten due to irregular use. No problem, we have come to solve your problem. Here we are putting the Teletalk balance check code. Find out from here and dial from your mobile phone. *152#

Internet Balance Check

Teletalk internet balance check. Can’t check Teletalk SIM’s internet balance. Or can’t remember the internet balance check code. To solve your problem we have come up with Teletalk internet balance check code. You can find out your internet balance by dialing from your Teletalk SIM to meet us. The waist is given below.

Teletalk Minute Balance Check

It is very important for those who purchase minutes with Teletalk SIM to know the minute balance check code. There are many who fail to remember this code. We have come up with minute balance check code for them. We are asking you to know your minute balance by dialing from your Teletalk SIM. Below is the minute balance code.

Teletalk Balance Check (All) :

  • Mobile Balance Check, Press *152#
  • Internet Balance Check, dial *152#
  • Minute Balance Check, Press *152#
  • SMS Check, Press *152#
  • Show Mobile Number: Type “Tar” & send to 222
  • MMS Check, Press *152#
  • Teletalk Customer Care Number: 121

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