Teletalk Internet Offers 2021

Welcome to Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. Here we will discuss about Teletalk mobile phone operator. This post is only for those of you who are using Teletalk mobile phone service company SIM. Teletalk is the only state-owned mobile phone operator in Bangladesh. The Teletalk operator was later known as B Mobile. It was later renamed Teletalk. In present day Bangladesh it is known as Teletalk. It was first established in 2004. Has been coming up with customer service ever since.

Teletalk mobile phone service provider company offers something or other for their customers almost every day. Offers that do not reach many customers. Here we will discuss only internet offers out of all those offers. If you are browsing the internet with Teletalk SIM then read the whole post carefully.

Teletalk Internet Offers

Here we will discuss the internet offer of Teletalk mobile phone service provider company. Teletalk Price offers something every day. These offers include minute offers, internet offers and SMS offers. Offers that do not reach everyone, that is, not all customers. So we will deliver internet offers to all customers through this post.

That means here we will only discuss the internet offer. If you use or want to use the internet with Teletalk SIM then these offers will be affordable for you. We are here with all the offers of Teletalk SIM. Select the package of your choice from there.

Volume & Price


Recharge to Activate

USSD Activation

100 MB @ Tk.9

5 Days



500 MB @ Tk.26

30 Days



1.5 GB @ Tk.39

7 Days



3.5 GB @ Tk.78

10 Days



3 GB @ Tk.139

30 Days



5 GB @ Tk.201

30 Days



10 GB @ Tk.301

30 Days



20 GB @ Tk.498

30 Days



30 GB @ Tk.649

30 Days



45 GB @ Tk.849

30 Days



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