Airtel MB Offer 2021, Airtel Internet Offer– All Airtel Internet Pack

Airtel MB Offer 2021, Airtel is a mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh. Almost every day Airtel offers something or other for their customers. Those offers include recharge offer minute offer and SMS offer. Today in this post we will discuss about Airtel MB offer. If you are an Airtel SIM user then this post is just for you. Because we will discuss Airtel’s MB offer in detail here. From all the packages you can choose the package of your choice. Which will be affordable for you.

At present, the use of online is increasing. The Internet has a role to play in almost everything from educational institutions to business. So the use of internet is increasing day by day. Today we have brought Airtel’s MB offer among you.

Airtel MB Offer 2021

Compared to last year, this time several MB packages have been updated. Again, some packages have been increased, these are unknown to many. Starting from those packages, we will give all the net packages in this post. You can purchase the product of your choice from here and browse the internet online. Starting from three days, I will keep one week Medi Access and even one month term internet packages. From there you can find out more about all those internet packages, active code fat and how much MB or GB.

500 MB Offer

Airtel is offering 500 MB for their users. This is a very popular offer from Airtel. Many people who browse the internet take this offer. Because it is a very affordable internet package. Because this package can be activated for only 29 taka.

In a word, you are getting 500 MB internet for 29 taka. You can use this internet 24 hours a day for a period of three days. If you want to activate this package, I will put the active code below. Dialing this code from your Airtel SIM will activate Forge. Dial * 123 * 025 # from your phone to accept

Data Pack Data Price Active Code Validity
1GB Tk. 29 *123*025# 3 days
1GB (4G) Tk. 22 *123*022# 3 days
1.5GB Tk. 44 *123*044# 3 days
2GB Tk. 49 *123*049# 3 days
2.5GB (1GB 4G) Tk. 54 *123*054# 3 days
3GB (1GB 4G) Tk. 59 *123*059# 4 days
4GB (1GB 4G) Tk. 64 *123*064# 4 days
1.5GB + 50 Min Tk. 98 *123*098# 7 days
3.5GB (Cashback 8Tk) Tk. 104 *123*104# 7 days
2GB Tk. 89` *123*089# 7 days
3GB (Social Pack) Tk. 39 *123*39# 4 days
5GB (Cashback 12Tk) Tk. 129 *123*129# 7 days
5GB (Cashback 10Tk) Tk. 159 *123*159# 10 days
7GB Tk. 179 *123*179# 10 days
1GB  + 100Min
(Cashback 10Tk)
Tk. 148 *123*148# 30 days
2GB Tk. 229 *123*229# 30 days
10GB + 500 Min +
Chahback 45 days
Tk. 648 *123*648# 45 days
30GB  +
Cashback 135Tk
Tk. 998 *123*998# 30 days

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