Airtel SMS bundle, Airtel SMS Pack 2021

Welcome to Airtel SMS Bundle. Today we will discuss about Airtel’s SMS bundle. Because we will discuss in detail about all the SMS bundle SMS offer SMS packages that Airtel has. At the same time you will know how to activate these SMS packages. Active code. How much money and how much SMS and SMS balance check code and all the details.

SMS is a popular means of communication. Currently the use of SMS is increasing at a huge rate. People of almost all ages communicate via SMS. Young people have chosen it as a means of communication as it can be used to communicate via SMS anywhere and in any environment.

Airtel SMS bundle

Here we will discuss in detail about Airtel SMS bundles. I will also bring you the bundles of Airtel’s Arab SIM. Here are some affordable SMS bundles that you will be really surprised to know. Below are all those SMS bundles.

Airtel 200 SMS 5Tk

Airtel mobile operator company has given 200 SMS for only 5 taka thinking about their customer. Which you can use on all operators. Those who communicate with each other via SMS can purchase this package. Needless to say, after the update in 2020, this package is giving 150 SMS for 5 taka. She has 24 hours to stay with her cousin. To activate the package dial * 321 * 500 #

Airtel SMS Pack 2021

Here we will highlight what SMS package Airtel has brought among us in 2021. In other words, a detailed discussion of all the SMS packages that Airtel currently has. Those of you who use SMS must know the details about these packages. Because if you know the details, you will understand which package is affordable for you. And with this you will know how to activate a package and how to check its balance. How long is the validity of the package. Keep an eye on your table to know all these things.

Total SMS Pack Active Code
Price Validity
40 *321*200# Tk. 2 12 Hours
150 *321*500# Tk. 5 24 Hours
1000 *321*1000# Tk. 12 3 days
1500 *321*1500# Tk. 25 30 days

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