Robi Social Pack 2021, Robi MB Facebook and WhatsApp

Robi Social Pack 2021 | Facebook, IMO, Whatsapp. There are many users who are looking for social internet packages. This means that they only use social media such as Facebook Emo Messenger WhatsApp. Robi mobile phone service company thinking about them. Has come up with some interesting social internet packages. In which you are getting much more internet for much less money. Which are only significant for use on social media.

In this post we will discuss social packages in detail. This post is very important for you if you use social media.

Robi Social Pack 2021

Here we will discuss in detail about the social packs of 2021. What we mean by social packs, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Emu, all the packages for use in these are called social packs. And if you use all these, then choose the interesting offers from here and activate. Among the packages we have given, the active code validity and how much MB for how much money has been given with complete accuracy.

400 MB Imo Pack

Good news for Emu users. Because Robi is giving emo package at the lowest price. Where you can get 400mb for only 25 rupees. Which can be used for 28 days. This is a very good offer for emo users. So you can safely activate this offer. To activate, go to the official website and activate.

Robi 400 MB Facebook and WhatsApp

We all use Facebook and WhatsApp. For this reason many times MB has to be purchased. Buying all the other packages requires more money. And if we buy social packages for Facebook and WhatsApp, we think it will be much more affordable. I have come to you with such an affordable package. You can get Robi 400mb social pack for only 25 rupees. Which you can use for up to 28 days. A very interesting offer for Facebook users. To activate this offer, you need to go to Robi’s official website and activate it.

Data Details Data Price Active Code Validity
1GB (IMO) Tk. 55 Online Link 28 Days
400 MB (imo) Tk. 25 Online Link 28 Days
1GB FB & Whatsapps Tk. 50 Online Link 30 Days
400 MB FB & Whatsapps Tk. 25 Online Link 28 Days
1GB Tk. 42 *123*250# 30 days

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