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Seiko Matsuda

Noriko Kamachi, more officially known as Seiko Matsuda, was a Japanese rock star, songwriter and vocalist, best known for her multiple hit songs throughout the late 1980s and the early 1990s. She was dubbed the “Eternal Idol” in the Japanese media because of her long prolific career and consistent hits. Born in Hyogo, Japan, in November 1940, Matsuda’s childhood was spent in various orphanages, as her father worked as a contractor. She was said to have become a very lonely child, withdrawn from society and blamed herself for the death of her pet dog. She became a member of the Seiko music band in her early years, playing various instruments, singing songs, drawing, writing and playing various instruments.

Throughout her numerous years in the Seiko industry, Matsuda has gone through several different roles. She was a member of the classic band Seiko Boys along with Hidehiko Funakoshi and had a contract with the prestigious Imai agency. In 1992, she was one of three female artists to receive the induction into the Rock Hall of Fame, and later became the first ever “eternal idol” when Seiko named her album after her. She has since gone on to have several hits of her own, most notably “Kisses”, and has also collaborated with several other artists, most notably Hidehiko Funakoshi. Today, Matsuda is known chiefly for her constant hits such as “You Are the Only Girl”, “Give Me Love”, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” and “Re-ring”.

Seiko Matsuda’s life has also been interesting to many Japanese media personalities, as she is an avid practicing actor and singer. She currently has four movies which were released by the major Japanese media conglomerate, Shueisha. These include: “Aoi Hana”, “Coraline” and “Hanasuru”.

Seiko Matsuda has inspired several Seiko singles, and some of these are: “Love is in the air”, “Reelin’ in the Years”, “You & I” and “Chiwa no Kyan”. Her most well-known Seiko song is the cover of Eternal Idol, where she is singing along with a choir. This song became a worldwide hit, and is Seiko Matsuda’s 14th studio album. Her other singles include: “Chiwa OVA”, “Hatsukoi of Sei o Ka”, “Re: Call”, “Your life will change” and “CHi wa Ki yo?”. Seiko Matsuda is also known for her involvement in charity, has worked with several Japanese cancer foundations.

Some of her best songs include, “Chiwa No Baka” and “Hanasuru”. Another single, which is not quite as well known is “Coraline”. Seiko Matsuda is best known from her role in Eternal idol, as a main vocalist, background singer and as a band member. Some of her past singles that have been released include “Chiwa No Baka”, “Re: Call”, “Your life will change” and “CHI wa Ki yo”.

Matsuda also has made a few solo albums, including one entitled: Seiko Matsuda Music. It was released in march of 2021. Another group from Japan, named Japanese Girls have also made a few singles, and their album was released in march of 2021. These groups are also well known from their roles in anime and manga series such as the Bleach franchise.

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