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Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter is a famous American entertainer, singer, songwriter, and actor. He initially came to fame as a rap and hip-hop singer in the late 90s, building himself as a major star amongst pre-teen and teen audiences across the nation during the early years of the new millennium. He has since developed a keen understanding of how music is created, which led him to create his own unique music style and continue to tour around the world. The multi-talented performer has also been involved in theatre work, creating the critically acclaimed musical Hamilton, as well as several other well-received shows. He has also released several solo albums, including 2021’s Aaron Carter: Live at Madison Square Garden.

Aaron Carter was born in Tampa Bay, Florida, the son of African American grapefruit farmers, and grew up in the predominantly white town of Homestead. As a child, Aaron would play both the role of the fiddle player and the lead singer of his family’s band. After high school, he decided to get into show business, signing with the then conglomerate Jelly Roll Morton, where he became known as Aaron Carter. He went on to perform on several different television shows, including Dog the Bounty Hunter, but failed to attract any substantial career support from that point onwards.

After some time away from the public eye, Aaron began to focus more attention on his acting, writing, and producing work. By this time, Aaron’s acting career was beginning to prosper, and he received critical acclaim for roles in such movies as Awakenings, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Trading Spaces. But his greatest artistic breakthrough came with the release of his self-written and produced debut album, Aaron Carter: The Complete Mystery. This was the start of a prolific period in which he would feature in a variety of films including High School Confidential, Edward Scissorhands, and The Mask. As his career picked up steam, Aaron was able to build a filmography that featured him alongside such popular stars as Marilu Henner, Kurt Russell, Tim Burton, Edward Norton, and Will Smith.

Aaron Carter’s first year of touring was riddled with issues, as his brother suffered from drug abuse. Aaron decided to dedicate the rest of his time to helping his brother get into a rehab program. It was also around this time that Aaron realized that the world of music was not the same as his own. In the second year of his solo career, Aaron decided to give up his dream of becoming a pop star and focus on pursuing his music career instead.

Aged seven when Aaron was finally discovered, he quickly became a fan favorite with die-hard fans of boy bands like The Nylon Guys, Cheap Girls, and Spice Girl. After finally making it to the stage where he could sing and play lead guitar, Aaron found himself performing with many different groups before finally finding his own sound as a lead singer. With the success of his solo efforts, Aaron’s musical career stalled for several years. Eventually, he was back in the spotlight when he appeared on the television show “American Idol” where he was quickly embraced by the audience.

Aaron Carter is currently gearing up for a European tour, where he will support his latest album titled Aaron Carter: Music Never Stopped. This album has been given an impressive release date of December 4th. The European tour will include dates in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, and Lisbon.

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