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Tom Fletcher is a musician, author, composer and singer-songwriter based in Australia. He is also one of the founding members of English rock band McFly. Tom got interested in music at a very young age, skipping school and going straight home after playing sports. After leaving school he joined a number of other musicians including Mick Jagger, who was then in the process of creating the song “Sympathy for the Devil.” Tom made several records during the years that he was a member of the band Magnum Index.

Tom started writing and performing his songs and music when he was twenty-one years old, with his first number one single “Pooped on My Lawn” soon following. The song was immediately successful, as it featured the use of a string line which is a common feature found in many Tom Fletcher songs. Tom’s first solo album was entitled Tom Fletcher & Friends, and featured guest spots from members of Metallica and Kasabian.

In early February of this year Tom Fletcher was hospitalized after suffering an asthma-related incident. Tom had co-written a song with vocalist/songwriter double Smirnoff regarding the condition of US President Barack Obama. With the incident Tom went into self induced isolation. It was at that time that he revealed his long cherished childhood dream of becoming a singer and songwriter, and that now his dream had become reality.

Tom’s long-time friend and former band mate from the Magnum Index, dougie Smirnoff, had come up with the idea for a biopic detailing the life of late US President Theodore Roosevelt. Coinciding with Tom’s diagnosis, Douggie Smirnoff wrote and produced a documentary film entitled “Tragedy Of Tragedy” about Roosevelt. Initially the film was intended to be released in theaters, but with the sudden success of “Tragedy,” the film was immediately green lit for a wide release on the iTunes Store. Tom attended the premiere of the film at the Sundance Film Festival, which was broadcast on PBS and earned him many awards. After that Tom moved out of his house in Beverly Hills and into the comfortable and supportive surroundings that is commonly found among Tom’s friends and family. He now hopes to collaborate with noted lyricist/singer-songwriter Will Toledo, who Tom has worked with throughout his musical career.

Tom’s friends and band mates are equally excited and optimistic regarding Tom’s new album which will be released in early 2021. “We have been listening to some of Tom’s old music and we’re really looking forward to it,” said dougie Smirnoff. “It’s going to be a great album,” added Tom. Tom and Will were roommates in college and often performed together in a folk rock band house called The Harrow School. Both men ended up building their friendship and musical rapport while spending several weekends and vacations living in the small town of Harrow, located in the Yorkshire countryside.

Tom will also be touring with The Warfield Revival this summer. Tom will play venues such as the Bell House, the Theatre Royal Oakwood, and more. This will be Tom’s first show in London since the release of his debut studio album Fierce Young Mind in 2021. For anyone familiar with Fierce Young Mind, it was Tom’s major breakthrough. Will and Tom are both very excited to be returning to the world of harrow and London.

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