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Tinchy Stryder is one of the founding members of the hip-hop recording group Akademia. Known by his stage name Tinchy Stryder, he is an African American male musician, vocalist, songwriter and entrepreneur. Tinchy Stryder was born in Augusta Georgia, United States. He grew up in the small town of Spring Valley and was an avid fan of rap music. In his early years he was studying music theory and style at the University of Alabama.

Tinchy Stryder is now known more popularly as a musician. A member of the underground hip hop recording group Akademia, he released his first album ‘Tinchy STYDER II: III’ in 1996. Tinchy Stryder has also been nominated for the Best Rapper award twice – once for his song ‘Turbo’, and once for his song ‘Love Is in the air’. His music has been covered by artists such as Kanye West, Jazzy Jeff and the Fugees, Luther Vandross, Outkast and platinum record producer Pharrell Williams.

In March 2021 Tinchy Stryder was arrested in Savannah Georgia, after driving without a license. Whilst attempting to enter a car sales market he was stopped and questioned by police. The singer was questioned for a number of hours, and despite his lack of registration and insurance was taken to jail where he spent the next four days. Tinchy Stryder was then released on bail after posting a $500 bond. On the morning of the 16th of September Tinchy Stryder was found dead inside his car, has taken all of his money and his wife’s mobile phone. Police believe he died due to a self-inflicted hanging.

Tinchy Stryder’s death has been used by conspiracy theorists to implicate President George W. Bush in the death of Tinchy Stryder. There have even been numerous websites dedicated to the theory that Tinchy Stryder was murdered as a direct result of the missing money and phones that were owned by the Bush Family. Although there are many theories surrounding the circumstances of Tinchy Stryder’s death, none have been proven. However it has still created a huge stir among millions of Tinchy fans worldwide who continue to claim that their idol did indeed die of a heart attack in a car crash in Savannah Georgia.

So why has this unlikely American musician become a national cause crier? Was it because he was a member of an underground organization of musicians who called themselves the Confederate Dusters, and that he was also secretly a member of a pirate radio station called the Galaxy Band? Or perhaps it was because he simply became famous from his association with the world famous pop artist Elvis Costello?

Whatever the reason for his untimely death, Tinchy Stryder has become a beloved figure among his many fans, who continue to show their support by selling Tinchy Stryder merchandise, such as Tinchy Stryder shirts, hoodies and even an authentic Captain Hook pirate hat. As his popularity continues to grow, there is also talk that a full-scale musical tribute to the great singer will be released soon. If you have always loved Tinchy Stryder or know someone who does, you should definitely consider purchasing some Tinchy Stryder merchandise to commemorate the life and legacy of this talented musician. Just like all artists, Tinchy Stryder was able to achieve success by tapping into the musical potential of their fans. He had the ability to tap into their youthful desire to rebel against the status quo of popular music and make it their own.

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