Shakira is an entertainer who has achieved worldwide popularity for her various hit songs. Shakira is originally from Colombia. She is well known for her beauty, style and grace. Shakira is the lead vocalist and lead guitarist of the Colombian band, Shakira. She is also known for her vocals and music composition skills. Shakira is a very versatile performer and has achieved great success in her career.

Shakira is well known for her wide variety of singles and albums that have made her famous. Shakira was named by many as one of the best female Latin singers and was ranked fourth in the list of the best female Latin singers of all time. She has also won several awards for her records including the Best Pop Song, Best R&B Song and Best Rock Song.

Shakra’s first album ‘Haitianne’ was released in 1994 and went gold in the process. Shakira performed on the hit television show of ‘La Granja’. After the show, Shakira began working with different recording labels. She signed a deal with Virgin Records in America and released a number of albums there. She has also recorded for many other Latin Recording Companies.

Shakira is not only an accomplished performer but also holds a Master’s Degree in History. Shakira’s most popular songs include “Cantante” (produced by Shakira and orchestrated by Don Edgard), “Diver La Lenga” (produced by Shakira and featuring Carlos Santana), “Mano Nido” (also produced by Shakira and featuring Mark Rolf), “Give Me The Reason” (also produced by Shakira), “Beguazote” (produced by Shakira), and “Tenerife Love”. Shakira’s albums have always featured guest appearances from artists from both Latin America and the United States. Her albums also showcase a wide range of sounds ranging from reggaeton to hip-hop.

Shakira’s first and second Spanish album titled “Hacia el Gringo” (the second album was more successful than the first, which was titled “Hacia E Llano” (the Spanish language version)), was produced and released in the year 1996. The album contains sixteen songs, the majority of which were produced by Shakira. Shakira’s songs on this album include” Poncho Parro” (which is Shakira’s favorite salsa song), “Hombre” (Shakira’s cover of the old Mexican hit” Dulce Guapa”), and her cover of Eric Clapton’s “My Sweet Lord”.

Shakira’s third album “Hips Don’t Lie” was released in the year 1997 and features eighteen songs. This Spanish album includes Shakira’s first and only duet with Carlos Santana, “Hips Don’t Lie”. On this album, Shakira managed to combine her love for Mexican music with her passion for American soul and R&B. Other artists that appear on Shakira’s recordings include En Vogue, Carlos Santana, Paul Winter, Luther Vandross, Nelly Furtado, and numerous others. In addition to these famous faces, there are over twenty other artists from Spain who appeared on Shakira’s records and whose careers span the spectrum of music, from jazz to rock, pop, folk, and other genres.

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