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Known professionally by her stage name Andra Day, Cassandra Monique Batiera, also known as Andra Day, is a famous American singer, musician, and actor. She has been nominated multiple times for Grammys and is known around the world for her distinctive voice and high pitch singing. In 2021, she finally released her first album, Cheer Up to the Rain. The album was nominated for Record of the Year and the single, “Rise Up” was nominated for R&B Songwriting Album.

Andra Day is a rising star in the San Diego music scene. She has been playing shows in San Diego for quite some time and is known for her energetic guitar performances. She was discovered by guitarist and singer Kaleidoscope when he saw her perform at the annual Fillmore festival in San Francisco, California. Andra quickly became his favorite because of her great voice. Andra’s energetic performance and guitar skills soon earned her the attention of Andra Day fanatics everywhere, even though she was just a teen.

Andra Day is an American pop singer who uses her stage name Andra Day. Her real name is Andra Arsenio-Martela. Andra Day started performing in her teens in the predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods in San Diego. Andra Day used her natural high pitch voice and amazing guitar skills to begin a successful career in music.

Andra Day has released several music singles including the hit “My Lovely Girl” from her album Cheers to the Rainbow, which was a major hit in both the United States and United Kingdom. In the song, Andra Day expresses her love for American men. In the background you can hear Andra’s original Spanish lyrics that were recorded during the sessions for her first album. The song was later a number 1 hit in the United States and United Kingdom.

During her time as a member of the popular punk band Voodoo Child, Andra Day sang lead and did not wear a mask. She sings about sex and death, drugs, and suicidal tendencies. Her lyrics and delivery are unique and show her vocal talents. Her appearance is truly what draws the attention of many fans, especially her red hair that resembles a Red Cross and her tattoos.

Andra Day was born in San Diego and grew up as an actress in the television industry. She went on to play several characters in different television shows. She appeared in Alias, Swing Vote, X-Files, Chuck and Weeds. Andra Day is currently starring in the new series American Gods, which has received great reviews. She will also be seen in the upcoming movie adaptation of The DaVinci Code. Andra Day is a talented actress that has been given her fair share of chances to shine in the world of theatre.

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