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Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez is an American pop singer, songwriter, and actor. She rose to popularity thanks to her amazing performance on an American talk show called The Voice. Since childhood, she has always been interested in music and dance. Her first love was in music, though her other interests led her to pursue acting.

When she was younger, Melanie had wanted to be a singer like Avril Lavigne or Fiona Apple. Her first experience with an instrument was playing the drums for a church choir. While her friends thought she was crazy, Melanie continued to practice for hours every day. Eventually, her talent caught the attention of Melvyn DeVilliers who was a well-known music producer at the time. He was so impressed by her that he signed her to MGM Records where she released her first album “Robot” as a member of the band Queen Latifah.

The movie version of Melanie became known as Melvyn Bragg and The Mysteries of Life with the help of her good friend, Simon Cowell. She then went on to star in the equally successful film, Awakenings as Dr. Holly Golightly. She has also appeared in films such as Pleasantville, The Perfect Score, and The Firm. Melanie will next be seen in the film adaptation of the book, Never Cry More, alongside fellow queens such as Annette Benning and Trace Ayala.

On September 6th, Melanie posted an Instagram photo in which she is seen wearing a beautiful strapless gown that is encrusted with pearls. In the caption, she wrote, “Just checked into a fantastic hotel with a group of old friends. Ate a few celebrity-quality champagne to celebrate my 2nd birthday and now I can go to my favorite spots around town without worrying about my luggage.” It is possible that Melanie was referring to a recent vacation to Beverly Hills, California, as the exact dates are not listed on her Instagram page.

Finally on the same day, Melanie uploaded a photo of herself standing next to Queen Latifah with the caption, “A woman’s beauty is her asset and I’m blessed beyond words to have the joy of having known my friend Queen Latifah. She is a true artist and innovator of culture. Her music inspires my songs.”

So it appears that Melanie is in good company among female artists in the Puerto Rican pop music scene. In fact, American Idol judge Randy Jackson recently named Melanie as one of the most popular queens from Puerto Rico. Not too shabby for an unknown singer from California. Hopefully, Melanie’s status in the Puerto Rican pop scene continues to grow as her fan base grows. Her excellent music, as well as her natural beauty, only enhance her popularity amongst Puerto Rican women.

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