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Scarlett Johansson was born in Southern Sweden and raised in London. She is best known for her roles in Hollywood films such as The Adventures of Peter Venkman, Hyperion, etc. After making a name for herself in the world of theater, Johansson went on to star in Hollywood blockbusters like The Hunt for Red October, The Impossible and The Girl Who Loved Me. Her most recent Hollywood film, the Ghost Pirates, was released in late December of 2010. Her profile can be found online at YouTube.

Scarlett Johansson was born in Brixton, London, the daughter of an Italian family. She grew up learning to speak English and writing in her mother tongue. She then went on to play major roles in the likes of Home Alone and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, before going on to study acting.

As an actor, she has gone on to play evil villains in such films as Dark Horse, The Prophecy, etc. Her most memorable role to date would be the evil villainess Dr. Vitus Fearis in the movie Saw. She is also known for her great singing abilities, having provided the score for many songs in the Saw films.

When we talk about the filmography of Scarlett Johansson, the first thing we find out that her mother is a professional writer. From this, the actress learned how to play the guitar and sang in the jazz band. After this, she pursued a degree in drama at college and studied acting, directing, and screenwriting. She did not get a chance to work directly with movies, but she did learn from her mother that she should not accept a job that does not relate to her talents or interests.

Since her early twenties, Johansson has worked primarily in film and theater. She has been nominated for Academy Awards and has brought some amazing roles to life. Her best films are the psychological thriller/thriller Black Rain, her breakthrough role in the film Pirates of the Caribbean, the fantasy romance The Girl with the Ax. These films helped put Johansson into the arms of the film industry at a young age, which is one of the reasons why her biographies have been so hit with fans.

Her role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been one of her best, as she played the unforgettable role of Carinaimmersa. She also had a small role in the Bruce Almighty film, alongside Goldie Hawn. Overall, Johansson has appeared in lots of films, and all of them have been amazing. Her best films include the Mask, which was one of her breakout roles, and the Alice in Wonderland film. Her last film, the Island, was a hit with critics as well as audiences. Her other films will include the forthcoming releases The Huntsman, and Warcraft.

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