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Christina Hendricks is a prolific performer, writer, and producer. She has written or produced over 100 films, including the award-winning “The Devil’s Advocate,” as well as numerous other award-winning projects. Christina has also appeared on television shows such as Showtime’s “The Sopranos,” and “Heroes.” Her credits also include “Parenthood,” “E.T.”

Born and raised in Southern California, Christina was always surrounded by the art of acting. As a child, she learned to stage her thoughts so that the audience can see them through her facial expressions and body language. After high school, Christina pursued several different acting careers, including appearing in theater and television. In her early years on the small screen, she acted in such diverse projects as “A Christmas Story,” “E.T.”

One of Christina’s most memorable and well-known acting performances came on the television series “E.T.” She played the role of David Hyde Pierce, an eccentric Air Force grunt who moved his family to a snowy New England home for his studies. During his time there, he played games with his family, made love to teenage hitchhikers, and formed an unlikely friendship with his fellow Air Force major Frank Burns. The show ended its run in 2021, but the character remains a fan favorite. In fact, the DVD release of “E.T.” featured Christina in the lead role as Mrs. Bates, the mother of one of the characters on the show.

As an actor, Christina has appeared in some high-profile films, including “End of Shift,” and “Dumb and Dumber.” She also appeared in the movie “Waterlow,” as well as the TV series “Fringe.” Her final film appearance came in the 2021 movie “Black Rain” as Kay Panabaker, an escaped serial killer who was featured in the first two seasons of the hit crime drama “The Shield.” Her final scene saw her playing a similar role in the final episode of the show.

As an actress, Christina was not restricted to the big screen, but continued to find success in the small screen, too. She guest-starred in the TV show “Raising Helen” for two episodes, and also appeared in the indie film “The Secret Life of Bees.” She is also no stranger to music, having previously appeared in the award-winning “Singles” filmography “Singles: On Parade” and “Irene Winslow Tape.” She will next appear in the animated feature “The Nutcracker” opposite Idris Elba.

What role will Christina Hendricks play in the next eight years? We could see an all-out revival of “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” sometime in 2021, which is the year that Christina will be in her late twenties. That, however, is just an educated guess, since nothing has been scheduled yet for the show. If you have any ideas about what she might end up doing, start spreading the word around!

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