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Hilarie Burton is a former Miss America, actress, writer and producer. A former contestant of MTV’s Total Request Live, Hilarie Burton also starred on The WB/ CW drama Smallville for six seasons. She also had a role on the television show Californication. After Smallville, Burton appeared in the movies 300, Spider-Man, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Finding Nemo, Home for the holidays, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Hilarie is best known for her roles as Aunt Hilda in the Alfred Claus musical, Hairspray and Happy Days, and as Alice in the Wonderland movie. Prior to her role as Alice in Wonderland, she was an on-screen writer and producer for the films Bridesmaids, The Perfect Score, and The Perfect Team. Hilarie Burton was born in Beverly Hills, California, the daughter of actors John Turturro and Pam Ferris.

Hilarie has a very tight personal life, that’s why it’s so surprising that she’s an accomplished Hollywood actress. She maintained a very small public persona throughout her acting career. Her wardrobe choices often included elegant, white clothing with little attention to color, such as blues, greens, reds, blacks, browns, tans, and beiges. Hilarie Burton was an only child, so her childhood was one that she would consider somewhat normal. According to her official bio on the Internet site for Hilarie Burton, she was “known for her love of books” and that she “loved spending time with her friends.” Hilarie also enjoyed riding horses and going on picnics in her backyard, which seems to describe her life to some degree.

Hilarie’s parents divorced when she was four, which is typical for many Hollywood children at that age. However, Hilarie’s parents were a close-knit family who never parted when Hilarie was growing up, even when her parents separated. Hilarie’s mother, Nancy Rose, worked in a prestigious fashion design firm while her father, Loussac Burton, pursued his acting career with a variety of TV programs. Hilarie’s younger sister, Skylar, was just nine when their mother first took Hilarie and her siblings to meet the director of their favorite show, Allure. Hilarie’s subsequent experience there helped to shape her into the strong, intelligent woman that she’s become today.

Hilarie is not like other actresses who only find success in small-town, fictitious Hollywood towns. She’s a product of the place and her real personality shows through in the quirky, wacky and exciting world that she inhabits. This is one of many reasons why Hilarie has been able to develop such an interesting, well developed inner life and be a wonderful, charming and talented performer, who manages to keep her choices in film, television and theatre very varied.

Hilarie Burton’s unique and powerful status as an actress is probably due to her own ability to maintain a balance of being a loving, sweet girl, while also maintaining a sincere and honest outlook on the things that are going on in her personal life. She’s able to do this without coming across as being overly self-aware. In fact, it’s one of her best attributes and a reason why she continues to be able to play the character of Hilarie in such a wide variety of different roles. Hopefully, in the near future, we’ll see more of Hilarie in a recurring role.

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