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Ashton Irwin is an American professional musician who plays the acoustic bass. He is from Fort Collins, Colorado. Ashton is one of four children of Mike Andrus. He has two older brothers, Jacob and Damon. He was raised in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ashton Irwin is a professional musician from Fort Collins, Colorado. His musical talent was discovered at a very young age when he started learning how to play the harmonica at the age of six. Later in grade school, he began to play the piano, and at the age of nine he began to play the acoustic bass. Since then, Ashton has played the harmonica and the electric bass and continues to do so up to this day.

Ashton’s musical interests include music, movies, and art. In high school, he participated in a drama club called The Real World drama club. He fell in love with auditioning and being around other actors and actresses during this time. It is said that Ashton was the cutest child in his class and he enjoyed going to these activities with other kids. Later in high school, he went on to participate in a musical program called the Bluegrass School. While in high school, Ashton participated in drama clubs and other things that helped him learn more about his talents and what he enjoys.

After high school, he continued on with acting and performing but didn’t stop building up his musical skills as evidenced in his current band, Angels with Dirty Faces. As a performer, he has had various roles in movies such as Pleasantville, Crazy Heart, The Blind Side, The Pursuit of Happyness, Grosse Girl, The Breakup, and more. Recently, Ashton has also gained much popularity due to the release of his personal video for the song “Thank You.” In this video, he is seen as a member of the Broken Strings, a sub-group of Owl City. In this video, he is seen as a vocalist along with singer-songwriter-performer Lzzy Hale.

After doing some touring with bands such as The Used, ados, and Sky, Ashton decided to form a new band named Angels with Dirty Faces. This band is comprised of him, along with other former Owl City members. This band has so far released an acoustic/rock album entitled “Echoes.” There are only four songs from this album that have been released thus far, and they are called “Don’t Play This Song,” “We Only Come Together,” “Higgs Boson Blues,” and “Sail Away.”

Hopefully, we will see more from Ashton in the future. He has a voice that could steal the show wherever he goes, and fans of acoustic rock will surely be excited about this upcoming debut album by Ashton. Check out our interview from 2021 to see what fans have to say. We will also look forward to seeing what he does next!

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