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Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester is an American stage and screen star. She is most famous for her starring role as the evil, conniving socialite, Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl on The CW network. She has also appeared other films including Spy, Monster, Hotel Rwanda, American Beauty, The Perfect Score, Man on the Moon, and A Time to Kill. Meester was also nominated for an Academy Award for her role as Waldorf in Gossip Girl. She has since gone on to play several different roles in television, movies, and theater.

Leighton Meester’s acting debut came in the popular TV drama, Happy Days. She played the role of Daphne Du Maurier, a young girl who went on to become a famous singer and actress in her own right. Her notable TV roles include episodes of Married with Kids, All about Eve, and Everybody Loves Raymond.

Leighton Meester also had a supporting role in the hit movie, Awakenings. She played Ginger, a young American actress who appeared as Day Brody, a well-meaning but annoying day brody for John Lithgow’s character in the film. Her day broke character tried to steal from Ginger in order to send her home from a birthday party. After she is sent home, Day Brody realizes that he had been fooling around with her in order to get information about her upcoming nuptials to a man named Jeffries. She breaks up with him and goes to meet Jeffries in an airport.

Leighton Meester also had quite a few guest appearances on soap operas and dramas in the United Kingdom. These guest appearances helped to increase her international recognition. Some of these guest appearances included soap operas such as Absolutely Fabulous, Dinner for Two with John Lloyd, and As You Like It. She also guest starred in the British television series, Absolutely. Leighton Meester was nominated for an OBE (Oscar) for Best Actress in 1996 for her work in Dinner for Two with John Lloyd.

Leighton Meester rose to fame while still a teenager in the United Kingdom. She began working in a printing company when she was only sixteen years old. After leaving the printing company, she went to college in London studying drama. During her time at college, Leighton began working on her first novel, A Time to Kill. Leighton wrote the novel while she was working as a secretary in a printing company, but she did not complete the manuscript.

Leighton Meester then went on to have a number of small parts in movies before she became a full-time writer. She was cast in the lead role in the movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice opposite Helena Bonham Carter. Her role was especially beneficial because she portrayed a character who was absolutely terrible and horrible to be around; whereas, other actors were often happy to play the good girl. Leighton Meester trivia will show that she is a talented performer, as well as a talented gossip girl. She has had several roles in both films and books that have made her a name in Hollywood.

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