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Jolin Tsai

Known as “The Face of Plastic Surgery”, Jolin Tsai is a plastic surgeon who is considered as one of the most prominent surgeons in Thailand. Jolin began his surgical practice at age twenty-four after leaving school. He went on to complete his undergraduate degree in physiology and then did a stint in pathology before graduating in 1970. Dr. Tsai graduated from Cornell University and later went on to perform his residency in Internal Medicine at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts.

Jolin was born and raised in Thailand, where his family speaks both English and Thai. Jolin began studying ballet when he was eight years old, which was a long time for a boy from a relatively poor background to learn how to dance. After completing his undergraduate degree in medicine, Jolin pursued his surgical training in England, undergoing a fellowship in dermatology at Camborne University. While there he gained experience in all areas of surgery, endocrinology, cardiology, and internal medicine before becoming a specialist in reconstructive surgery.

Jolin is described as an outstanding surgeon with a colorful resume. In terms of awards and recognition Jolin has received many awards including The Academy of Television Medicine & Radio Broadcasting (ATMTB), The Peel System Awards, the Satellite Awards, The British Medical Journal’s Travel Awards, the X Factor, as well as several local and national music accolades. In addition to his television and radio broadcasting work Jolin Tsai is also well known as a talented singer/songwriter. Jolin’s impressive musical talent was discovered while he was still a student at university, when he participated in a singing competition in Japan.

Jolin’s amazing voice quickly developed into something more than just a singing talent. He went on to develop a well-known body of work that would span not only his native Chinese-speaking world but also to the very different world of the West. Jolin Tsai’s first brush with fame came with the release of his self-titled album in the early nineties, which reached number four in the UK’s charts. Later he went on to collaborate with numerous other artists including the band War, which were famed for their hit song “Reelin’ in the Years.”

Tsai later decided to pursue his solo career, first joining the band War, and then progressing into collaborations with other artists including Atkins, J. Fogerty, Ash Stymest and Nancy Honey. He released solo singles and duets with fellow Cantonese singer Lee Seong-Hyeon, as well as collaborations with groups from the United States, Russia, and Taiwan. Jolin’s discography also featured contributions from several other singers, most notably Gong Yip and Huang Zhen from the idol group Big Bang. Most of his work was recorded by J. Orjiung, a Taiwanese musician who specialized in traditional music. Jolin’s sound was characterized by a distinctive guitar style, often referred to as “left-field,” and his influences included the acoustic guitar, folk, psychedelic, pop and folk-rock.

Today Jolin Tsai is well-known not only as a Cantonese singer and Cantonese choreographer, but also as a dancer. Dancer and choreographer alike attribute much of their success to their association with the Taiwanese singer and choreographer Boaz Leher. Tsai is also noted for his impressive portfolio of work, which includes works with a multitude of choreographers and performers ranging from MSSC to Telly Lehem, choreographed for both solo and group presentations. His most recent choreographed presentation was a five-minute long routine entitled “Dancing with Dragons,” which he presented at the 2021 BET Awards.

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