Brady Reiter Net Worth, Biography, Body Measurements, Height, Weight

Brady Reiter has been described as one of the top poker players of all time. Her notable career spans the period of fifteen years, during which she has won the World Series of Poker twice. Reiter is currently playing for Team XP, which is making a name for itself as one of the top poker teams in the world. Her biographical information was included in a Behind the scenes video put together by Poker Stars inside of the new DVD collection, Best in Show: The Rise of Brady. The information reveals that Reiter has a daughter named Kiara.

Biography. Brady Reiter has been described as being an up and coming television actress. She has been married to Mike De Luca since 1993. Reiter has been with the cast of several popular television shows, including Wheel of Fortune and Criminal Mind. She also has had guest appearances on several other programs, such as King of the Hill and Family Feud.

Height. Reiter is only listed as being a “100 pounds” woman, which is listed as her height. According to the bio, Reiter is only 18 years old, but her real age is in doubt, as her real birthday is listed as 20 years old. Some sources say she is only six feet tall, while others say she is actually seven feet tall. We do not know how accurate any of these numbers are, but we do know that Reiter does indeed have a real big body, according to her resume.

Biography. In the behind the scenes video obtained by Poker Stars, Brady Reiter revealed that she has been living in Orlando, Florida since the age of eighteen. A quick search of the internet reveals that she has been married to Mike De Luca since 1993. It is believed that the two were very serious about each other, and the marriage produced a daughter, Alexa. Brady Reiter certainly does look like the type of glamorous and beautiful mother, a young girl could look up to, and was probably quite happy to be a part of the Orlando community for such a young age.

Career. Brady Reiter has not made a major movie appearance since her days on television, although she has stayed in the public eye as an actress, which has required her to appear in some smaller films. In addition to her numerous television appearances, including an episode of Cheers, she has also appeared in a few video games, one of which was a remake of Diner Dash: The Bandit’s Ball, as well as a few episodes of Married with Children. While Reiter may not have had much success in the movies, it seems that she has always kept an eye on the television industry and has at least seen success in her acting career, which has allowed her to move into other parts of the acting business.

Brady Reiter is an estimated net worth of approximately 1.5 million dollars, according to the Celebrity Network profiles. There is no current film starring Brady Reiter, and it appears as though her days as an on screen actress are behind her, as she is now focusing her efforts on being an author and producing a children’s book. It is unknown what her new project will be, but she is definitely working on it. A Brady Reiter biography will no doubt surface any day now, and it will no doubt give a detailed insight into the life of this famous TV actor and woman.

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