Diana Karazon Measurements: Body, Bra, Waist, Hips, & Shoe Size

Diana Karazon Measurements

Diana Karazon was a dancer, actress, and singer from Marrakech, Morocco. She rose to fame in the early seventies due to her sexy and sophisticated appearance, which made her one of the more well-known Arab stars of the era. She appeared on numerous TV shows including Arab soap opera As Seen On TV and also had a role in Hollywood’s Hollywood studios. She is best known for her role as the glamorous and mysterious Meryem in the movie The Girl Who Played With Men. She has also had some small roles in other movies and TV series, most notably as the evil Queen in the popular Aladdin.

Diana Karazon was born in Amman, Jordan in November of 1955. She is a fluent speaker and wears her hair in a short style. Her official birth record states that she was fathered by Haroun Fathali, an Egyptian Prince. In fact, she was reported to be six months pregnant during the time of her marriage to Fathali. Though no official documentation can be found, Diana’s half sister Iman is listed as her mother on her birth certificate. Diana’s father is never mentioned and was presumably either dead or divorced before she was named heir apparent of the Egyptian throne.

Diana Karazon was one of the few new comers to the world of show business when she appeared on the popular television show, Octombe retrounced. She was cast as the glamorous Queen Hilda Karazon, who was the favorite pet of the royal family. She was known for her beauty and was often pictured by men in long dresses. It was not until later in life that Jordan publicly revealed that Diana was the daughter of King Faisal bin Muhammad binladen of Mecca. The only other Arab princess to be featured on a prime time television show was Aminah, who appeared on Aladdin.

Diana Karazon Measurements

Figure Measurements 32-24-34 in
Body Size 34 inches
Bra Size 36B (US)
Waist Size 24 in / 61 cm
Hips Size 33 in / 86 cm
Shoe Size 7.5(US)
Height 5 ft 9 in / 174 cm
Weight 126 lb / 57 kg

Although there are several theories about her origins and her life story, there is one detail that stands out from all the facts. Diana’s mother was tall and thin with dark skin and brown eyes. This was the first clue that led to her consistent eye color that is dark brown/black and not the usual shade of blue that is usually associated with Mediterranean people. The commonalities of her life and death also points to her family having roots in Morocco, where she was raised and where she likely got the dark eye color.

A visit to the Tomb of Aminah, found inside the Ancient City of Haroun I, in Medina, indicates that the queen had the typical features of a Moroccan princess. Another intriguing detail discovered in the tomb is a gold ring that was meant to be worn by Aminah after her death. It shows that she was very involved in the process of creating this ring. Another gold ring, found in the cemetery in Huqula, reveals the royal bloodline of Aminah and her husband Saleh. In the cemetery in Mecca, another ring that belongs to Aminah, which has a very high carat, matches the gold ring in the Tomb of Aminah.

The most fascinating detail that confirms that the princess did indeed come from Morocco is the twenty-eight-carat gold diamond that is encrusted in the center of her necklace. The gold rings found in Haroun me and other cities in Morocco are replicated to some degree but the sheer Carabbean quality cannot be matched. Diana’s jewelry collection includes diamonds, platinum and sapphires. It has been said that the jewelry maker that created the bracelet was not satisfied with the real diamond she received so he added a cubic zirconium to increase its value. It is obvious that the Moroccan Queen did not settle for anything less than the real thing when it came to the diamond jewelry she wore for almost thirty-eight years.

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