Tulisa Contostavlos, better known to the public as Tulisa, is a Peruvian singer, writer, and actor. Born in Peru, she has become famous all over the world thanks to her singing. Her early years were spent studying dance in her home country, but it is her music that really caught the attention of the international music scene. She released her first album while still a student at college, “Tinas de Mulan”. The album achieved moderate success throughout Europe and the United States before it was finally released in the US.


After that, Tulisa went on to star in many different television programs, including “Happy Days” for ABC, “That 70s Show”, “MacGyver” for the US military, “Who’s the Boss” for British TV and “agaia” on MTV. She was also a guest star in the movie “Movie,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with Bill Murray, and “When Harry Met Sally.” After a string of movie roles, Tulisa broke into the Hollywood scene playing a love interest for David Hasselhoff, in the movie “A Raisin in the Sun”. In that film, Tulisa became known to the world as the voice of Meg Ryan.


After a string of movies and TV shows, Tulisa was faced with the possibility of being a movie director. She accepted the challenge, but was passed over when Tim Burton was cast as the director of the latest “Burton Warner Bros.” film. But when they later announced that they would be casting another British actress, Tulisa suddenly had her best known role.


Tulisa was cast in the film “The King’s Ransom” and quickly became known to the world as Victoria Beckham. The then 18-year-old Beckham was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance and instantly rose to stardom. Her net worth has since increased due to the fact that she has expanded her filmography to include films such as “Man on the Moon” and “Inception.” She was also recently nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the movie “icated.”


There is currently a lot of buzz surrounding Tulisa, as she is set to star in the upcoming “Desperate Housewives” for Showtime. The network has yet to reveal who will play her in the spin off, though one of the possible suspects is Matt Damon. She will most likely have a leading role and will be seen by millions when the show begins. No definite release date has been given for the “Desperate Housewives” yet, as the production company is still in pre-production. Hopefully we will soon find out more about Tulisa and what role she’ll have in the upcoming “Housewives of London” series.


This is all part of the fun behind the second album of Tulisa. It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you are a famous singer with multiple albums. The “Desperate Housewives” cast is already in place, with Matt Damon as Frank Shamrock, Kate Winslet as Cristine Couture, Jason Lee as David Gossard, Edward Barbanell as David Hyde Pierce, and Lily Tomlin as Mrs. Richard Spencer. All of these stars will be in the best shape of their lives, so hopefully this will be another hit for Tulisa! I expect this movie will begin shooting in the summer and hit the theaters around September or October of 2021.

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