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Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio is an accomplished professional with her own line of clothing lines. She is also an accomplished writer and producer. Born in Mexico City, Paulina Rubio Dosamants is a versatile Mexican pop singer, songwriter, performer and actress. She first gained international recognition as a member of the influential pop band Timbiriche in 1982 through the group’s later incarnation as Cumbiaeros.

After leaving Timbiriche, Paulina made several singles and came back with a self-titled album, which contained the hit “Haitian Nights”. Then, following the death of vocalist Mario Cordero, Paulina decided to pursue acting, and she discovered a role on the TV series “Alfreario”. From there, she appeared in movies such as “Aurora” (with Pedro Pasto), “La Victoria”, “Gorilla”, “Tomb Raider: The Adventures of Tomb Raider” and “Desperate Housewives”. Later, Paulina became a singer and actress herself, appearing in various films such as “Mani Mari” (which was eventually successful) and “The Perfect Score” for which she was nominated for an Academy Award.

Paulina Rubio is also known for her beautiful voice. In her most recognized album “Apres Hombre”, Paulina sings about her childhood in Puerto Rico, which inspired the song’s title. Her strong Latin voice has made her an integral part of acts such as the Crystal Gems. While many Latin singers have yet to reach the same stardom status that Paulina has attained, there is no doubt that she continues to make music that enchants audiences both young and old. This is in part due to her ability to adapt to various styles and to sing consistently and flawlessly no matter which genre is employed in the recording.

Paulina’s wide musical interests and talents resulted in her forming a band with her husband and fellow singer Vic Holter called Pobre Ni Por Favor. This group achieved success through the 1980s, going through several lineup changes, but ultimately producing twelve albums of unique music, including two that reached platinum status. Paulina and Vic Holter later formed the band again in the early 1990s, this time calling themselves La Vida. They went through numerous lineup changes over the years but still managed to maintain the popularity gained from their first efforts.

Paulina and Vic continued to tour throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia. They even had the pleasure of meeting the legendary and popular Latin musician Avicci. When they landed in the United States, they immediately hit the Latin music charts, where they consistently ranked in the top ten for a period of time. The singles “Hips Don’t Lie” and “La Vida” reached the number one position. Their most recent album entitled “Agua por Deserte” was released last year.

Paulina, along with her husband Vic Holter, also has a son called Jesus Holter Jr., who is an artist in the music industry. They have made several guest appearances on famous Latin radio programs including La Boce Magos. Paulina continues to tour throughout Latin America and has yet to release an album of new material. Her long standing experience in the music industry, along with her extensive piano playing and vocal talent has made her a well-known name among Los ingles en el maleconio.

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