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Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia, better known by her stage name Niki Minogue, was a multi-faceted performer throughout her career. She guest appeared in some of the world’s best known television shows including Roseanne, CHEERS and Emmerdale, as well as playing a major role in some of the most beloved movies of the decade including Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Born in Southern Ireland, Natalie grew up idolising British singer/songwriter Jimmy Page and his work with the Yardbirds. As a result, she moved to Britain in the late 1960s where she became associated with the band Oasis through their performance of hit singles such as No More My Little Princess and Holding onto the Light.

After leaving Oasis, Natalie Imbruglia went on to star in a number of successful movies including The Beach, Saturday Night Fever, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure before moving on to headline concert events in Europe and Australia. In 1996, she returned to her native Australia to headline Australia’s Big Day Out concert, which featured such big name artists as Justin Timberlake and Elton John. It was also where she first came into contact with the man who would become her husband for the next seven years, Russell Crowe. Natalie Imbruglia was also a popular contestant on the reality television show Top Model, in which she served as a runner-up to Miss Piggy before being eliminated in the final stages.

On February 4, Natalie Imbruglia was featured in Australia’s Seven Network news program, which was broadcast in English. She spoke candidly about her split from Crowe and her feelings surrounding the possibility of a reunion with him. The following day, in another part of the network, she was given her own program, where she discussed matters in more detail regarding her split from Crowe. This included telling the media reporter that she had initially agreed to appear on a cooking show with Crowe, but later changed her mind when he told her that he felt it would be a good idea if she stayed away from the cameras.

One week after the news programs, Natalie Imbruglia went on to open for the American rock band Green Day with her band-mates from the band Therapy. Though no mention was made by the artist herself about a possible reunion, several fans have since begun circulating pictures showing that the singer and her bandmates are enjoying their time together. With Green Day’s touring schedule for this summer including dates in New Zealand and Mexico, it is likely that we will once again see Natalie Imbruglia performing with her band-mates.

It is difficult to determine if there will ever come a point in which Natalie Imbruglia will be able to fully separate her personal life from her singing career. The fact is that she has released numerous singles that have been certified gold and have achieved a very high degree of success for her band. Her singles “Come As You Are”, “Reasons” and “Higgs Boson Blues” have all been certified platinum and sold millions of copies. In addition to her work outside of her role as an artist, she has also written and produced an animated video for the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and has also opened for numerous popular recording artists. Even though many people expect the singer-singer-composer-singer career to continue on indefinitely, there are those who feel that she has surpassed her prime. In her case, this can be proven by the fact that she has released twelve solo singles in her lifetime.

Regardless of whether or not Natalie Imbruglia chooses to concentrate on writing or performing, her status as an independent artist has allowed her to release numerous more songs throughout the course of her career. However, there are many music critics who have criticized her for relying too much on traditional songwriting and too little singing. However, those who know Natalie says that she has always put her own feelings on display in each of the songs that she has written and produced. Regardless of whether or not Natalie Imbruglia chooses to focus on writing or performing, her star status and her Australian soap opera singing career are still strong and she continues to gain appreciation both domestically and overseas.

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