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Born in France Soko was adopted by the British when World War II broke out. Soko was one of many children taken to the United Kingdom by her mother and half-brother. Her birth was announced on radio and newspapers but no record of the birth was found. Soko was adopted by the British and spent the remainder of the war in the custody of the R.A.F. She was one of the few children in a row that received a home in the United Kingdom.

Soko became an overnight sensation in France, even being featured in the films Les Champs Elysees (The Courtship Of Soko) and Le Derniers de la Meuse (The Courtship Of Soko). She was a favorite on the television programme circuit in the early fifties and was soon a household name in her own right. However, in a career spanning over thirty years her films failed to match the popularity of her early work. However, in the eighties she began to receive criticism for not writing new material. This became a criticism which she was determined to address.

Soko was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2021 and given her last chance at life. After further tests it was discovered that Soko had Type One Diabetes. Soko was given only months to live and signed herself off to the hospice. Sadly, just two days later she passed away at the age of fifty-one. Her passing meant that Soko’s work would never be equaled in the world of world arts. This led to protests from her fans who felt that she had been under-treated.

The actor’s death prompted an official statement from her agency claiming that Soko had “died peacefully in her sleep”. The agency went onto say that Soko had recovered and was in good health following a mini gastric bypass. This was in a bid to prevent any confusion over her condition. It was also claimed by Soko’s family that the actress had been receiving treatment at the Comune d’Orto for a number of weeks prior to her death. Although these claims have been rubbished by the actress’ son, others close to the matter have remained calm and supportive of the actress’s wellbeing. It was also claimed that Soko’s former agent had been contacted by the actor’s family in the run up to her death and had requested that no public information is released as the process of her funeral was ongoing.

Soko’s untimely death also left her fans devastated and saddened. Her role as the title character in the hit film Amelie has not been repeated since her death, although the film was later shown in cinemas worldwide. Some of her former French Film colleagues have been quoted as saying that she would have been a great role model for them given her love of food and her love of France. Soko’s acting talent is said to have come from her passion for food, which was demonstrated when she played the mother in the movie Paris Hilton. Soko was also popular with the other characters in the movie, who included Bambi, in which she portrayed a vegetarian.

Prior to her death Soko was also nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for her contribution to the global fight against smoking. Her performances as different characters throughout the course of her illustrious career were also well received, including her performances in Amelie and Zazou. Despite being a celebrity in her own right, Soko was never allowed to become a household name like her American counterparts like Angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey. Despite this, Soko is still remembered fondly by many French nationals who have followed her career and are inspired by her passion for food and her kindness and sensitivity towards her fans.

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