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Crystal Bernard

Crystal Bernard is an American actress and singer-songwriter, best known for her recurring appearances on various television shows, such as On Your Feet (wife), Happy Days, Crystal and The Crystal Report. She has also had a number of guest spots on television shows like Wheel of Fortune and Diego. She has also won numerous Golden Globes for her work in film and television, including Crystal Christmas and Crystal Harbor.

The name “Crystal Bernard” is hardly a self-explanatory name. However, one can definitely describe the woman behind the name. For many, Crystal Bernard is the real life counterpart of Cher, with whom she has shared a number of close and important personal and professional relationships throughout her career. As an artist and singer-songwriter, Crystal Bernard has created some of her most memorable and beloved songs, including the original composition “White Room”, “Mysterious Ways”, and “You Give Love a Bad Boy – I Gave You Love”. She has also written numerous songs that were considered mainstream hits throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s.

A woman who was once only a backyard flower girl, Crystal Bernard today is a prolific and accomplished songwriter, multi-instrumental artist, and singer-songwriter. At the age of thirty September, Crystal became a superstar in the folk-rock genre. Her first six albums of folk music were chart topping hits and helped establish her as an influential folk singer-songwriter with a unique vocal style. In addition to her own music, she wrote extensively for other artists, most notably folk musicians Peter, Paul and John.

Crystal Bernard’s most recognized role would be that of Crystal Bernard in the award winning television show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She portrayed the character of Helensville, a southern gospel songstress who sang her heart out and advocated for change. Her many fans came from her role on this popular sitcom, which was a spin-off of the hit sitcom Happy Days. Throughout the many seasons of the show, Crystal kept her fans entertained with her lively vocal performances, as well as her amazing guitar work. She was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Leading Role.

Now, at the age of sixty years old, Crystal Bernard has seemingly gone back into remission, but her fans and peers have not. Instead, they continue to support her, and they continue to purchase her CD’s and concert tickets. As of press time, Crystal Bernard’s net worth continues to increase. In fact, several sources are reporting that she is no longer working, yet her fans still remain optimistic about her financial future.

Crystal Bernard has been nominated for multiple awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role, for her appearance on Broadway, for playing the title role in the movie adaptation of Seabiscuit, and for her contribution to the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Her other credits include movies such as Swing Vote, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Who Is Your Mother? And now, she is known to audiences around the world as Crystal Bernard, an accomplished and beloved singer/actor/writer. Her most recent album, titled As the World Turns, was released in early 2010, and will be available for sale at various online retail locations beginning in early 2011. As long as her fans continue to support her, then Crystal Bernard will be able to maintain her considerable net worth.

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