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Jennifer Garner is a talented actress and performer. Born in West Virginia, Garner graduated from the University of Virginia where she pursued a degree in English, graduating in 1996. She then went on to play the title role in the successful film Bridesmaids. Later she continued to star in such films as Swing Vote, Pleasantville, Dazed and Confused and Daddy Don’t Last Long before finding fame playing the lead role in the Oscar winning documentary This Is America.

Jennifer Garner has also been nominated a number of times for her acting prowess, most notably for her performances in Bridesmaids, Swing Vote and Daddy Don’t Last Long. After that she appeared in the movie’s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice opposite Eddie Murphy and garnered another Oscar nomination for her work in that film. Since then Jennifer Garner has gone on to play a wide variety of different roles, some of which have been featured on the silver screen, others on stage and many in television. Below we take a look at some of Jennifer’s most famous roles to date.

The first and only starring role that Jennifer Garner has ever had in a feature length television series was on the very popular soap opera The Practice. Playing a nurse, Jennifer Garner played the character of Administrative Assistant to the show’s protagonist, a practicing physician. Although the character was basically an extension of the actress’ own character, this role nonetheless gave her the chance to experience life on television in a different form. In an early episode, for example, the show’s main character, Dr. Cox, asked her to come in to work for him so he could get a glimpse into her true feelings for another of his patients, something which he had never done before.

In the second season of The Practice, Jennifer Garner’s character was given a different name, April. This was an important part of the storyline as it revealed to the audience that Garner’s alter ego was now officially called April. Following the events of the third season, however, April was finally revealed to be the same actress who played the nurse in The Practice, and this time around the character was working at a plastic surgery center in New York City instead of in a doctor’s office. This subtle shift made April a more credible character, and the change was later used in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, when her character had to relocate to the west coast in order to be with her husband.

Jennifer Garner also found her way into the world of cinema when she landed a role in the hit movie The Thin Red Line. Although the role of Jennifer Garner was not particularly memorable, the actress managed to garner a number of awards including an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. In the film, Garner plays the role of a surgeon who becomes involved in the Iranian hostage crisis, helping to save the life of an American servicemen. Although Garner did not receive the acclaim of her former roles in Empire of the Sun or Bridesmaids, Garner has since proven her abilities in the film industry, playing parts in movies such as Crazy Heart and The Game.

Jennifer Garner is one of the most versatile actresses in all of the television industry. Her career has spanned several decades, and as a result she has managed to play a variety of different characters in a multitude of different films and TV shows. Jennifer Garner is a true Hollywood legend, and is a great example of what can be achieved if you stay true to your true calling. From playing the evil witch in Harry Potter to playing the nurse in The Perks of Being High, Jennifer Garner has forged a stellar career in the entertainment industry.

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