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Lauren Cohan is an American actor best known for her starring role as Maggie Greene in the award-winning horror TV show, The Walking Dead. Her character, Maggie Greene, became one of the most loved characters on the series due to her strong portrayal of a tough and resilient woman who rises above others to provide comfort and hope for those around her. Lauren Cohan has also gained fame for her supporting role in the hit film, Kingpin. Other notable roles include roles in Argo, Ocean City, and Edward Scissorhands. Most of Lauren Cohan’s films are directed by Wes Ball, who also produced The Princess of Mars and wrote and starred in it.

Lauren Cohan was born and raised in Southern California. She is of Irish descent and was obsessed as a child with the occult and the dead. Her earliest stage of acting was in theater, but her first break in mainstream movies came in the form of commercials, where she appeared in a series of ads for Dell computers. She then went on to play recurring roles in TV shows such as Mom, Brides, and Seinfeld, and more recently, in the movie Edward Scissorhands. Lauren Cohan has also been nominated three times for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Satellite Awards.

Lauren Cohan studied English literature at the University of Southern California and studied Judaic studies. After graduation, she concentrated her efforts on learning how to perform stand up comedy and did so well that she landed appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and hosted her own series on MTV. Later, she moved to Los Angeles and began working with the casting director of the film version of the Kingpin. She later went on to star as herself in the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, which was critically acclaimed, and later featured Joanna Stayton as the aforementioned Matron of Honor in the movie version of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre play, A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

Lauren Cohan then moved on to play different characters in movies such as Awaken, Falling, and World on Fire, and finally landed roles in both The Perfect Storm and The Pursuit of Happyness. Her last major role was appearing in the 2021 film, Edward Scissorhands. Lauren Cohan then went on to star in the film version of The Hundred Year Old Man, which was critically acclaimed, and eventually starred Joanna Stayton as the aforementioned Matron of Honor in the Shakespeare play, A Midsummer’s Night Dream. In this film, Lauren Cohan plays Olive Oyl, a writer living in modern day Manhattan. She lives with her parents and younger brother, Harry (Chadbush), and works at a desk in an office building.

Lauren Cohan played the main character, Maggie Greene, in the first two episodes of The Walking Dead, “Pilot” and “eps”. This role would prove to be important to the TV show, as Lauren Cohan impressed enough with her audition to win the role of the girl trapped on the Walking Dead. The next episode in which she would appear in The Walking Dead, “No Rest for the Weary”, saw Lauren Cohan’s transformation into the tough and strong character that was introduced in the pilot. After filming her final episode of The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohan then went on to star in the television drama Sanctuary, alongside Matt Damon, where she again proved her talent.

Apart from her fantastic acting career, Lauren Cohan also contributed in the making of several other TV shows and movies, including movies such as Sleepy Hollow, Fearless, and The Devil’s Advocate. Lauren Cohan later went on to play the lead role in the movie adaptation of The Vampire Diaries, in which she played the character of Damon Salvatore. Finally, in The Darkling, Lauren Cohan played the main character, Amber. She also had a small role in the video game No One but Yourself: The Story of a Missing Girl, as well as a supporting role in the 2021 film The Informant!

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