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Jane Badler

Jane Badler was born in Kansas City, Missouri. Her parents, Morris and Beverly, had both served in the military. She attended the University of Utah for college, but dropped out after only one semester. She then worked as a waitress at a hotel and, along with her friend Patti Johnson, went on the road traveling across the country in a hot air balloon. The experience she gained from that journey would later have a profound effect on her writing career.

Jane Badler was hired by Universal Pictures to be in the cast of their classic movie The Secret. After filming The Secret, she decided to leave Hollywood to pursue a role in television, and so began her lifelong association with the world of show business. In the pilot episode of The Virtualirse, Jane Badler plays the title character of Anna, a virtual assistant to a rich, powerful family whose daughter is abducted by terrorists. The show became a huge hit and was responsible for the phenomenal success of the franchise that came to be called The Princess and the Pilot.

As The Princess and the Pilot progressed, Jane Badler was asked to co-star in the very successful movie The Princess and the Pilot. That film also managed to score widespread critical acclaim, which is perhaps what sealed the deal for her next big move. When The Princess and the Pilot were a huge hit, it led to the development of another one of Universal’s high-budget films: The Princess and the Harpy Court. Jane Badler again reprises her role of Anna, this time as the daughter of a powerful, rich family that lives on the outskirts of a small city. This time, Anna must fight against a group of rebels who intend to overthrow the government and rule the country for themselves. The Princess and the Harpy Court were a box office smash, ensuring that Jane Badler would continue to find work in the film industry, most likely as an actress or a voice-over artist.

After The Princess and the Harpy Court, Jane Badler found work in a number of films including the movie’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novels, A Midsummer’s Night Dream and finally her own book, A View from Deep Water. Although she always maintained that her best known roles were in the movies, Jane Badler did receive some attention for her vocal skills. Her voice was known in a number of television shows and featured in a number of films including Beauty Shop, E.T. and Home Alone. Later in her career, Jane Badler decided that she wanted to try her hand at screenwriting, but didn’t have any idea of how to get her foot in the door.

One day while shopping in New Hampshire, Jane Badler came upon a display of autographed movie memorabilia. Looking over the items, she realized that it was an autograph collection, featuring her most famous lines from her many films: “You’re as green as the grass you just walked on.” She began to research into this collecting and soon found that there were a number of web sites dedicated to this practice, which allowed her to begin her career as a writer. As she continued to collect more of these famous quotes and placed them in her web site, she began to hone her talent for the written word and eventually developed a new novel, which she called, A New Hampshire Country Novel.

Following the success of A New Hampshire Country Novel, Jane Badler went on to star in another science fiction series, called The Outer Limits. Despite the success of her first science fiction series, Jane Badler found it difficult to leave the science fiction world behind. In an effort to keep people interested, she decided to make a new video game, entitled Jane Badler’s Starlight Starbright Starfinder, which was supposed to continue the tale of Jane Badler in a new location, called Mars. However, in the process of making this new video game, Jane accidentally killed her father and spent the next eight years travelling to Mars, trying to repair her relationship with her father.

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