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Shamari Fears

Shamari Fears is an American actress, singer and songwriter. Born in Southern California, Shamari Fears has also spent considerable time in England and other English-speaking countries. Her parents are black African immigrants who came to the United States, while her biological father was American. She is well known to her fans as the lead vocalist in the R&B band Blaque.

Shamari Fears was born in Southern California, though her exact birth date is not known. Her real name is Sharon Nicole Johnson. Her stage name, on the famous reality TV show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is Shamari Lovin’. In this show, she is known as Georgia Davis, and is the best known black member of the group. She was married to Glen Bell, a well-known singer and guitarist, for 10 years.

Although she is very popular in the United States, Shamari Fears is relatively unknown outside of America. She has performed in Australia and Canada, but very little else. Her music is very uplifting and positive, as she is a huge fan of Bob Marley and Elvis Presley. Her greatest songs are “Blue Hawaii” and “I Am a Believer”.

One reason that she has achieved so much popularity in the United States is because of her weight loss, which has made her one of the most slim, toned celebrities in the country. Her weight loss is credited to numerous other factors, including the Atkins Diet. Her trainer, Gary Null, said that the diet enabled her to slim down to a very attractive size, which enabled her to get the roles and voice that she is known for today.

Shamari’s other fame has also led to great success. She has been named the winner of seven American Idol Awards, which led to her becoming one of the biggest breakout stars on American television. She has also won two Golden Globe Awards, which has made her even more popular. She has been featured in numerous reality shows, where her confident and sexy persona have allowed her to overcome her struggles with weight and add a new sense of confidence to her career. She has inspired many women with her strong character, which is why she is considered to be a great role model for women of all ages.

hamari Fears has not released any new music since the release of her first album twenty years ago, but she has always remained active and has continued to tour and appear in different types of media. Her first album was an instant hit, with its catchy tune and sultry lyrics. She went on to release four more albums, which was very well received by the critics and the public alike. Shamari Fears was the best known and most sold American Idol song of all time, which is quite an impressive feat for a song that didn’t even reach number one!

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