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Linda Hamilton is an American actor. She is most famous for her role as Sarah Connor in the successful Terminator movie franchise and in the TV show Beauty and the Beast, in which she also was nominated for an Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. Her other popular and important roles include Alias Grace in the animated hit Beauty and the Beast; as a lover in the romantic comedy You Can’t Take It with You; and as a wife and mother in the much-loved Finding Nemo. Her career has spanned more than 35 years and in that time she has achieved an unprecedented level of success, including such unlikely hits as the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the 1993 comedy The Princess Diaries.

For many people, their first introduction to Linda Hamilton came via the television show Saturday Night Live, in which she appeared in an equally bizarre but very entertaining spin-off of the popular terminator series. For many viewers, Linda Hamilton’s appearance on SNL made the instantly recognisable connection to the original version of the robot in the movies, which had appeared first in 1984. In this spin-off, she plays a character named Sarah Kaplan, who finds herself transformed into a terminator-like robot after being seemingly bitten by a radiation infected alien.

Awards and critics have generally been positive about Linda Hamilton’s performance as Sarah in SNL’s Judgment Day episode, but the real question that everybody wants answered is whether the sequel to Terminator 2 will feature any recognizable voice talents from the original films. Before answering this, let’s take a quick look at the cast of the original movie. Playing the role of Sarah, Linda Hamilton was joined by standout actors Patrick Swayze, Edward Fox, and Marilu Henner. In the sequel, though, Swayze and Fox have left the door open for other actors to step into the shoes of the role of Sarah. Therefore, there may be some more actors to reveal throughout the next few months or years.

Linda Hamilton’s decision to portray a character with a futuristic connection to her personal life has also opened up doors for other actors to appear. For instance, Dal Dalton, who played the original android in Terminator 2, is now set to appear in an upcoming episode of CSI, while Jane Fonda has also expressed interest in playing a role in a future episode of American Pie. Finally, according to IMDB, Dal Dalton is set to appear alongside Kevin Pollack in an unconfirmed role of an FBI agent in the Lifetime Movie franchise.

Now, it’s time to discuss the likelihood of Linda Hamilton’s own bid for a major award in the upcoming New York theater scene. Although Hamilton has only managed to find limited success in her short stints on Broadway, the Maryland play she recently performed in, Salisbury, was a significant and notable departure from roles that have characterized her career to this point. It is important to mention that Salisbury was largely different from Hamilton’s previous appearances, both musically and chronologically. In addition, Salisbury was directed by two other former Hamilton clients, Terrie Wiener and Wendy Wasserburg. With the aforementioned success, it’s not hard to imagine that Linda Hamilton might be offered a major role in the coming months and years, either as a featured actor or as a producer, of a major motion picture.

We are likely to see more of Linda Hamilton next year. She will undoubtedly continue to attract critical acclaim in both arenas of film and theater. In fact, there is little doubt that she will ultimately fulfill her destiny and be recognized for not only her amazing voice, but for the unique qualities that make up the unique personality of Linda Hamilton.

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