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Gor Hakobyan is an Armenian-American musician, rap artist, singer and actor. He is best known for his voice work including appearances on the television shows CSI, Bullish, Chuck and Lorne Michaels. His first song, Gor Hakobyan was released in 2021. Since then he has been seen on numerous other shows including MTV’s reality series Chopped and ABC’s Scrubs.

Gor Hakobyan was born in Yerevan, a city in northern Armenia, now part of Turkey. He attended Yerevan State University and after that he joined crews in Los Angeles, California and New York City. He is best known for his work on House of God, a popular Armenian play about a man who tries to reconnect with his dying grandmother. The play was later made into a feature film called Gor Hakobyan. Gor Hakobyan is currently filming a remake of the same play for a London theatre company. A movie version of Gor Hakobyan was recently released on DVD.

Gor Hakobyan was born in Yerevan and is a native of Armenia, formerly known as Yezikonian. He started learning music at a very young age and continued his musical studies at age 14 in the United States. It is said that Gor Hakobyan learned how to perform because of a legendary Armenian teacher named Gertsimonian who taught him the art of hip-hop dancing. Gor Hakobyan then went onto to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Math at university in Yerevan and also studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA). Gor Hakobyan went on to become a successful actor in both Turkish and Yerevan television dramas.

As an actor, Gor Hakobyan has had some notable stints in Hollywood. On the HBO miniseries documented by award-winning director Peter Fenn and starring Ed Harris, Gor Hakobyan played the role of Artimis, a Turkish governor who was executing a plan to unify and pacify the Bosporus. The role was created after Turkish soldiers attacked and killed the Turkish ambassador in Georgia. The role earned Gor Hakobyan his second Oscar nomination, winning him a share of the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama.

In 2021 Gor Hakobyan appeared alongside fellow Hollywood newcomers like Chris Evans, Edward Norton and Russell Brand in the English language movie series Ergo. The movie chronicled the everyday activities of a middle-aged professor at an international university. In one scene, Gor Hakobyan’s character drank coffee out of a specially designed cup and also displayed considerable prowess in playing chess. He then won the Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama at the prestigious Oscar Awards. Prior to that win, he had also appeared in the TV show Kung Fu Panda as a member of the movie’s supporting cast.

Gor Hakobyan is best known in the world of English cinema for his starring role as an unforgettable armchair assassin in the award-winning movie Kill Bill. The film itself was quite controversial in its sexual content (which is still highly viewed in many foreign markets) and the fact that it was produced by an all-white company (MGM). However, the film made a huge splash in the United States and throughout the world as an all-star Hollywood blockbuster. Although Gor Hakobyan did not receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in a Feature Film, Kill Bill became a wildly successful, financially rewarding film that nevertheless received strong praise from critics and audiences alike.

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