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Ella Eyre is a British actress and musician known by her stage name’s Ella Fox and Ella Smour. She is best known for her performances in the English movie industry, having featured in such films as Everything Must Go, Edward Scissorhands and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Her musical talent has also found him work on stage, most notably in The League Of Gentlemen and Itchy And Scratchy. In 2004 she released her debut album featuring songs from the same album as Edward Scissorhands and it was her first album to top the Arts and Entertainment branch of the UK’s chart. She also appeared in a sketch for a Channel Four show featuring David Hytner and later went on to feature in an episode of the sitcom Dinner For One.

Ella Eyre was born in Reddington, Birmingham in July that year. She was known to be a close friend of Johnny Collar from the London suburb of Reddington High Street. She is credited with writing some of the content for the US number one single, “igo wa yobber” which was a major hit in the UK and around the globe. Ella Eyre became famous through various English singer-songwriter projects, including producing and performing alongside The Specials at Reading Festival, appearing on stage with The Moody Blues, appearing on the TV show Pop Idol, and creating her own music career with her band Ella Eyre and featuring on the single Useless Little Piece.

Ella Eyre’s profile is relatively small compared to other British pop singers and musicians, she is only listed on the public member’s directory of the British Pop Hall of Fame, and has never managed to feature on the official list of the UK music lists. It is therefore no surprise that Ella Eyre’s net worth is not as high as her fan base of fans in the music industry. She has only made a few records in her lifetime, and these were all recorded by different labels. These lack commercial presence and therefore limit the amount of potential earnings that can be realised from these recordings.

Ella Eyre’s most well-known works include the singles “igo wa yobber” and “igo wa yobber reppy”. She has also produced and performed with numerous other artists including The Specials, Boodle, Blur, Smiffy Cash, Abrasive, and a rapper she calls herself Wazzy Waffle. Since leaving Britain to pursue a career in the United States, she has been living and working in Los Angeles. However, in the last month she has returned to the English countryside, and as a result, has experienced a dramatic increase in her fan base.

Ella Eyre has received numerous awards and recognition since she was first discovered as a teenager in her native Britain. She has won many awards for both her music and her lyrics, including a string of Grammies Awards, including the Mercury Prize, and an OBE (Oscar), plus several additional accolades including the poppy of the year for “izzywig” from the album “Chunky, Chunky, Some Tone”, which was released in 2004. Other credits include work on the soundtrack to the film “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” by Wes Anderson, and on the track “Bodily Appear” from The Royal Scam. She has also spent time working with musicians and groups such as the Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Take That, Phantasm, and Kasabian.

Ella Eyre has always remained true to her roots as a performer, even if her path to stardom has been more circuitous than many of her peers. She has continually worked hard to maintain her public image as one of the most original and respected performers of her generation, and has never wavered in her devotion to the music she is passionate about. Her commitment to her craft has inspired many young British Pop singers and songwriters who are just starting out in their own careers. She has given interviews in which she has discussed the importance of learning the guitar, the difference between rock and roll and real life, and why she prefers working with demos and recordings rather than official music libraries and singles. Ella Eyre has not only achieved enormous success in her own right, but she has inspired many other up and coming talents with her devotion to creativity and her hard work ethic as a songwriter, singer, and actress.

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