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Charlotte Emma Aitchison, better known professionally by her stage name Charli XCX, is a professional English singer and song writer. Born in London and raised in Startama, Essex, she started posting music messages on MySpace within the year of her birth, and soon found herself being discovered by an enterprising promoter who encouraged her to sign to a record label. After signing to the imprints including Diplo and Skepta, her career soared with hits such as “Boom Clap” and “Ch yo Dis Me”. She has since gone on to score top albums in the U.K. and the U.S. with both singles “Rise” and “ptin”.


In 2021, Charli XCX was introduced to the world via her appearance on the British reality show Pop Idol, where she placed second. The following month, she released her first single, “Play”, before embarking on an extensive world tour. Her next single, “autobiographic” was released in May of that year, featuring guest spots from Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne. The single climbed to number three on the U.S. chart before going back to the top of the U.K. charts. In July she was again featured on the show, this time featuring on the song “RN” with Bastille.


The single “braver” from the album was “Reggae”, which featured the band’s wide range of dancers, which included Boyz II Men, Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, and Macy Gray among others. On August 4th, it was confirmed that Charli XCX was planning an incredible world tour. A press release stated, “Her next single will be arriving early next year.” It was then hoped that the single would be released towards the end of the year, which disappointed many fans.


With the news that Charli XCX was touring the country as a single, there was no doubt that fans would want to see their idol live. Charli XCX’s fan base continues to grow with each concert, and she was spotted by numerous cameras in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas and Las Vegas. Charli XCX recently finished making music with her band, and it was speculated that she would continue with her international touring once she finished with the group. It was also stated by her camp that she will be releasing a new single soon.


Charli XCX was spotted at the United Kingdom’s famous Glastonbury Festival in March. She performed on the day that she was born, so it was fitting that she played a show in front of thousands of screaming fans. Charli XCX brought her charm back to the forefront of the music industry, allowing her to headline a huge festival in the United Kingdom. This marked the first time that a pop star had been able to play a show in the UK, and it is likely that other artists will follow suit in the future. The single, titled “antoine” has been getting great reviews, and has reached number two in the UK, following behind Britney Spears and Beyonce.


Although the internet may be filled with speculation when it comes to the new album by Charli XCX and the rumors surrounding her new single, there is still hope that she will reveal more information about her upcoming album during her performance at one of her concerts. If you are looking for great music from a major pop star, then you should definitely give her album a listen. The first track from the new album will be “A Day To Remember”, and the first single from the album will be the track titled “Chunky”

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