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Lauren Jauregui is an American pop singer and songwriter known for her powerful vocals and powerful melodies. She has been active in the alternative music scene since the mid-1990s and has released music under various names including Lauren JaureGUI, Lauren Layne, Lauren Mauricio and Lauren Zane. A former member of the band Fifth Harmony, JaureGUI made her solo debut in 2021 with the self-titled ” Lauren Jauregui Vs. The World”.

As a performer, JaureGUI has showcased her talents as a singer, vocalist, guitar player and background vocalist. As a member of the popular girl group Fifth Harmony she sings lead and has also worked with the band as a replacement vocalist when Layne, Ariel Pink and Joey Dosikis were unavailable. In between memberships in Fifth Harmony and doing projects as a member of other girl groups, Lauren has also established her own career as a solo artist. She was named Best Female Vocalist at the 2021 MTV Music Awards, which placed her in the top five when compared to other performers of that award show.

Lauren was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight in March of this year, where she discussed the rise of Lauren JaureGUI in popularity. She spoke about how she wrote the demos for the singles that appeared on Katy Perry’s recent album Katy Perry: The Diamonds vs. The Spy (which came out last year). She went on to talk about how writing a solo record has changed her career and how she prefers writing songs rather than producing them. Lauren Jauregui was also asked about the possibility of a music video for “Wolves” coming soon and if she would like to do one.

Lauren JaureGUI is currently working on the second release from her “Wolves” band called “Wolves II: III”. She has already released an acoustic version and a vinyl version. It is expected to be released sometime in the summer of next year. “Wolves” featured the talents of Big Boi, Scarface, Swakker, and Murs. Lauren stated that she wrote most of the second verse for the album herself. Murs also played keyboards on the song.

Lauren JaureGUI made several guest appearances on the MTV shows Love & Hip Hop among others. On the Love & Hip Hop show, she talked about being a fan of The New Booty Project with Chris Brown and how that song made her want to become a R&B singer. During the episode, she mentioned that she was studying to sing. Lauren JaureGUI’s first major break into the entertainment scene was on the MTV reality series “The Hills”, where she was a contestant along with fellow competitors Britney Spears, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, Kimora Lee Simmons, and several others. Her appearance on the reality series formed the foundation for her recording career.

Lauren JaureGUI continues to make music with her band, featuring songs on their upcoming albums “Wolves II: III” and “Xxplosive”. She has also signed deals with Island Def Jam and Scott Storch Music. Lauren is hoping to collaborate with J.J. Simpson and her longtime friend Kimora Lee Simmons soon.

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