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Ryan Tedder is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who have developed a loyal following among fans of rock, folk, and pop music. Ryan has also written for some of the biggest names in alternative music, including Modest Mouse, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Ryan Tedder was born in Southern California. While growing up, Ryan learned to play drums, guitar, and sing. He continued to learn and hone these skills throughout high school and college, which led him to study music at the University of Southern California, creating an extensive library of musical influences that he uses to this day.

Grown Up: A lyrical gem that debuted on Ryan Tedder’s first album was his sophomore debut studio album called Songland. It features contributions from various artists such as Kurt Cobain, Bennington, and Brandi Lee. Gifted with a lush mix of acoustic and electric guitars, Ryan’s music takes a traditional sound and turns it into something new and exciting. The album reached #2 on iTunes’ chart and has sold over two million copies. A highly sought after and innovative hip hop vocalist/songwriter/ instrumentalist, Ryan has made a name for himself and has made his music accessible to audiences around the world.

Viva La Vida: An homage to the female sexualities of the previous eras of rock music, Viva La Vida features an eclectic cast of characters including Bennington, Brandi Lee, and former Spice Girl Melanie Brown. The album received warm praise from critics who saw the album perform live. The songs “Wish You Were Here”, “Give Me the Reason,” and “Come As You Are” are highlights of the album and are the perfect songs for Ryan Tedder to showcase his range as a lyricist and performer. After having an affair with singer-singer Nicole Richie in the mid-90s, Ryan went through a messy divorce and was heartbroken when he discovered that Nicole had cheated on him. He returned to his rock and roll roots and formed the band Viva La Vida with longtime pal Tommy Lee, guitarist Scotty Moore, bassist Glen Campbell, and drummer Greg Lake.

Love is not enough: With the self-written and produced hit song “Don’t Take Me Out” Ryan Tedder finally puts out a record that isn’t produced by an outside producer. The song is a powerful and emotional assault that comes from inside. The singer channels all his feelings about being single and heartbroken in this heartfelt and sexy pop tune.

This year, Ryan Tedder released a compilation album called citations. The album contains songs recorded during the sessions for Viva La Vida, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, and finally, the long awaited third installment of the platinum hitting song, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. The third citation is the most personal and candid yet, as Ryan Tedder pens about his own relationship issues and how they are affecting his relationships with women.

With the aforementioned hits “Don’t Take Me Out” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, Ryan Tedder has cemented himself as one of country’s top songwriters. His list of credits includes songs for Merle Travis, Sparklehorse, Nancy Jones, Amy Grant, Tommy Lee, Angie Ashford, Waylon May, and many others. As a songwriter, Ryan Tedder has created some of the best songs of the past five decades, which include hits that topped the radio in both the US and UK. This past year, Ryan Tedder released a collaboration with country legend Douglas Trick to create the timeless “Loved and Lost” for Anchor Music.

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