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Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda is a musician, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles, California. Born in Hawaii, he moved to the United States at the age of twelve where he began to hone his musical skills while attending a stringgrass barre band in Hawaii. Following his years in the music industry, Mike Shinoda pursued a career in the recording business working with such notable producers as Kanye West, Pharrell, and Russell Simmons. Currently, the versatile artist continues to work, writing, producing, and performing throughout the world. Most recently, he released his debut album entitled New York.

A highly talented individual can do whatever they put their mind to. Mike Shinoda was rapping since he was young, but it wasn’t until he decided to form the band Linkin Park that he really began to showcase what he had to offer. Shinoda wrote most of the songs for the band and performed with them once they formed in 1997. He then went on to produce the group’s second album, Into the Sky, but after that, he stayed in the background performing rapping duties only

In this recent interview with Lyrical Lemonade podcast, Shinoda discusses how he feels about diversifying his musical career and leaving the well-known hip-hop artists such as Jay Z and Kanye West behind. As he discusses in the main article, he feels that those artists paved the way for him as he began to grow as a musician. According to Shinoda, it was inevitable that he would leave the industry behind and move into a more experimental and free-form audio field, but he feels that he has always wanted to remain part of the hip-hop world. Because of this, he is making an instrumental album entitled No Bueno.

No Bueno will be made available via the producer’s own label, wherein No Bull Recordings will take care of the overall promotion and distribution. No Bull is a collaborative effort between Mike Shinoda and DJ Craze, who are also co-producing the album. The first song that was played on the studio album is “Come Together,” which was produced by the two DJs. This song is representative of the new sound that the band will be exploring as it starts to grow as a band. They have yet to play any shows as a group, but No Bueno should be able to create the atmosphere of a live show with the production and mixing skills that the band is known for.

Mike Shinoda will be featured on the cover of No Bueno’s upcoming release. He says that he is very excited about the new album and is looking forward to sharing it with the public as soon as it is finished. No Bull actually started out as a live hip-hop band, but eventually moved into the studio to pursue their musical goals. When they were recording their first album, Shinoda ended up going back to his old live shows because it helped him focus on the songwriting process. He also felt comfortable enough with the overall production style of the band to really put his personal touch on the final mix.

Shinoda will be on tour this year, so fans can expect to see No Bueno performing live for the first time ever during the “Love is in the air” tour. It is possible that No Bull will collaborate with other artists to produce some of the music for the album. No Bueno’s forthcoming rework of “Ghost” by 50 cents will certainly be interesting to listen to and has the potential to be a major crossover hit. The original version of this track was also written by DJ Craze and featured on his song “Is not Going to Lie” off his last album Living Things.

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