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American actress Erika Christensen has been in the acting game for decades and has managed to establish a name for herself as an unforgettable leading lady. Born in segregated Mississippi as the child of Japanese immigrants, Erika has always had an interest in pursuing her destiny and going to college. However, her path in Hollywood was a lot more different than most actors’. She began her illustrious career in the late sixties, and after a short stint in Europe, she returned to her birth country to work in films and commercials for over thirty years.

When Erika Christensen was a child, her family lived in a small flat on Avenue M in Manhattan, and even had a white-bread pizza oven. Her father, an immigrant from Denmark who came to the United States just before World War II, worked as a salesman for Krantz Foods, an upscale frozen foods firm. As the owner of his own pizza parlor, he maintained that the girls in his establishment didn’t speak English, but he himself was a naturalized American, having adopted the language during his time in the States. The business flourished for decades until it was disrupted by the birth of one of its most beloved customers: the actresses Lee Strasberg and Anna Kournikova.

Anna Kournikova’s first credit was in “A Day in the Life of somebody” for director John Wells, and her first film role was in the same film. After receiving her first Academy Award for her role as Anna Kournikova in “A Day in the Life of Somebody”, Erika Christensen knew right then and there that she wanted to be an actress. She enrolled at the Los Angeles Film School, where she continued to gain recognition for her performances in films ranging from dramas to comedies. Eventually, her efforts paid off when her film career blossomed into a critically acclaimed television series, “The Firm” on the ABC network. “Firm” was a spin-off of the successful “Romantically Challenged” series that also starred Anna Kournikova. Both films were canceled after the second season.

It wasn’t long before Erika Christensen was back in the spotlight with a starring role in another successful drama, “The Firm.” This time around, her acting debut would be in the popular TV series “That 70s Show.” Once more, it was a forgettable TV show that lasted only one season before being taken off the air. However, it still managed to receive six write-offs and a lot of critical acclaim. Since then, Erika has appeared in some movies, most notably “The Perfect Partner,” which was a bit less successful than its predecessors but still made her an in demand movie star.

In addition to her short-lived TV series appearances, Erika has also had some smaller roles in some movies, including “Dangerous,” “Revenge of the Nerdy Girl,” “Catch Me If You Can,” and “A Christmas Carol.” But what has really catapulted Erika to her current standing as a star is her breakthrough role in the very popular show, “The Firm.” The series premiere was a huge hit, not only for ABC but for the entire country. It became the number one show on television among adults, earning over four million viewers. And while Erika certainly had her share of fun playing a character that portrayed women trying to balance their professional and personal lives, it was her excellent acting in the show that really put her on the map.

What does it take to be an American actress? Well, according to Erika Christensen, it takes determination and a passion for what you do. Like so many of the great actresses before her, Erika Christensen worked hard to get to where she is today. She earned her bachelor’s degree in theater at the University of Southern California and worked as a waitress for many years before becoming one of the top female actors in Hollywood. Her success has afforded her the opportunity to travel, both abroad and domestically, and to experience many different parts of the country. As an actress, it takes a true commitment to your craft to make it in this industry, but Erika Christensen epitomizes the dedication of successful Hollywood actresses.

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