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Peter Geneys is known professionally by the name Bruno Mars, better known as Bruno Mars. He is best known for his dramatic stage performances, stage presence, pop music influences, dance moves, pop records, and for playing in a large number of musical genres, such as pop, rock, rap, R&B, hip-hop, and indie. As an artist, he has made a name for himself as a member of the group Mars Band. The band has also gained popularity outside the United States.

A prolific songwriter and performer, Bruno Mars first gained attention with his memorable single, “BY YOU.” This song went on to sell millions of copies worldwide. As a recording artist, his work was featured on the soundtrack for the film UP IN DEATH. Bruno Mars has also written songs for artists including Kanye West, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Macy Gray, Usher, J.i LaRue, Mariah Carey, Akon, and many others. As a recording artist, he has released a number of albums that have hit the Top 100 in the United States.

Bruno Mars grew up in New Jersey, an area that is well-known for its musical influences. As a teen, he participated in his very own recording project, which was aptly called “The Bruno Mars Session.” In this recording, he played along with other young musicians, which helped him develop a reputation as a versatile performer and songwriter. He eventually went on to sign to Atlantic Records and signers like Rihanna, Chris Brown, Usher, J.i LaRue, Akon, and Macy Gray.

For several years, the versatile singer/songwriter has held down the fort as a recording artist. He wrote and sang on numerous hits, including “Cocaine” from the album Blaque. During this time, he also began to develop as a performer, which led him to become a registered member of the Platinum band, which includes artists like Ashanti, Boyz II Men, Ashanti, Atmosphere, Akon, and Mary J. Blige. Now, he has returned to the limelight, where he performs with the band Mars. The group, which features front man Mars and several others, has released four studio albums and one EP.

Bruno Mars spent some of his early life times living in Europe, where he was surrounded by musical talent. While in college, he also picked up the guitar and taught himself playing. After moving to California, he briefly dated someone from France, whom he had met while playing in a band called La Roux. Later on, he changed his name to Bruno Mars, which was taken from a legendary guitarist who had played in La Roux.

Today, Bruno Mars is well-known for being an up and coming songwriter and performing artist. He has been nominated for Grammys, Best Rock Songwriter (For “Locked Away”), Album of the Year (The Album of Survive And Kaleidoscope), and Best Rap Album (dredged). As a songwriter, he has penned songs for artists ranging from Elton John to Chris Brown. He has also written songs for singers such as Beyonce Knowles, Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Ashanti, Akon, Chris Brown, and Will Smith. Bruno Mars was also a featured player on the soundtrack of the movie Invictus.

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