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Miranda Lambert is a twenty-one-year-old country music vocalist and songwriter. She began out in 2001 when she self-recorded her first self-titled album. In 2003, she finished second place behind winner Paris Hilton on the popular television show Nashville Star. As her career continues to grow, Miranda has added other artists to her musical repertoire including Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Merle Haggard, and Kenny Chesney. Her career has been especially successful in the recording and touring areas of country music.

Before we discuss her music, it is important to discuss her beginnings as a country singer. Born in segregated Mississippi, Miranda was one of nine children who moved to Hamilton, Tennessee during the period known as Jim Crow. Her childhood was one of the most tumultuous in the history of the United States, as her parents were torn apart by the racism that pervaded throughout the region. She gained a deep appreciation for her family’s traditions and strong Christian beliefs.

Miranda was particularly influenced by her grandmother, who she considered a very good role model for her overall persona and voice. Her grandmother had won Grammy Awards in her role as a singer, and Miranda later adopted many of the Southern tradition of accepting Grammy Awards along with a number of other prestigious awards, such as the Polaris Awards. As she grew older, Miranda would present herself as a deserving recipient of these honors, and in doing so, she attracted the attention of country music fans around the country. In 2002, she was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Music Performance, and she shared the award with fellow Nashville native Merle Haggard. Afterward, Merle presented Miranda with his trophy.

The recording of The New Southern Gospel Music of Miranda Lambert continued to garner positive reviews, and in 2004 she was nominated for a second Grammy Award for her third album, A Place of Execution. The Grammys also went out of their way to promote the album, which was produced by none other than Brendan Mcloughlin. Miranda was not interested in touring with Mcloughlin, but she did collaborate with him on some of the tracks. During a set with Mcloughlin at his studio in New York, he suggested that Miranda sing on his album instead of having a female vocalist. Her performance included a duet with him on one of the songs, “Give Me the Reason.” It seems that the collaboration paid off because Mcloughlin decided to create a joint tour with Miranda and Brendan.

A Place of Execution features some of Miranda’s best-known country songs, including “Came Around So Far,” “Deacon Blues,” and “Mystery Train.” It peaked in the country charts at Number Four and eventually went gold. Once the album reached number twenty on the charts, it was quickly followed by Another Day, Anxious, and Last of the Summer. Other notable songs from the album include “White Tears” and “You Are My Sunshine.” All of these songs were certified platinum in the U.S.A. in 2004.

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