Trishala Gurung

Trishala Gurung is an up and coming young singer, songwriter, composer, and actor in the Nepali cinema industry. She is currently completing her graduation from Nepal Medical College, where she has joined as a student. Her original music that revolves around health, life, philosophy of life has made her an expert in her field of interest. She has gained admiration and success from various people across the globe due to her distinct singing abilities. She has performed at various events such as Global Health Festival held in Kathmandu, United Nations office in New York, Kanyakumari Festival, and numerous others.

This is the story of one of the successful careers that the young singer has led. Trishala Gurung has sung for many renowned artists in addition to stars and singers from Nepal. She has performed at various events such as Global Health Festival held in Kathmandu, United Nations office in New York, Kanyakumari Festival, and numerous others. She has released different types of albums as well as singles, which have gone well to become bestsellers. Trishala Gurung has gained immense fame and recognition and is very much in demand by various people from all over the world.

The young singer has many cover songs in her discography and all of them are wonderful and impressive. These include “Nepali Laddu”, “Iyengar”, “Auliya Adsai”, “Dalai ye Pyaar”, “Palash”, “Chhotel liya”, “Dalai ye Bheer”, and many more. She has even written some interesting lyrics in her songs, which add a lot to the charm of her performance. Among her best songs which have gone on to become hits include “Iyengar”, “Dalai ye Bheer”, “Palash”, and “Chhotel liya”. Other songs which are sure to be top hits in the coming years are likely to be “Chhotel liya”, “Dalai ye Bheer”, and “Dalai ye Tunia”. Some of her older songs, which are still making waves in the kiddie and kid’s markets in UK are “Nepali Laddu” and “Dalaiye Morya”.

Another young artist from Nepal, Udayin Premchand is also well known and admired for her amazing voice and unique style of singing. She has composed a number of successful songs, which have been used in movies and other media. She has released a number of solo recordings as well as duets with other artists from her country. A few of her duets with foreign artists have been hit television show in the UK and around the world. One of her duets with Michael Jackson was actually screened in UK at one point.

Another talented artist, who hails from Kathmandu is Dharan Sikra, known by the people of Nepal as Dhamal. A very good singer and song writer, he rose to fame later in life when he composed some excellent songs for a movie called “Lion King”. He also composed some successful duets with Indian musicians. While studying art in college in Kathmandu, he met his future wife Pippali. Together they produced a number of successful duets that have been recorded and are available as singles.

Trishala was married to former Bhumibhumi Premchand, who had succeeded her in the role of sunglass selling singer. After the marriage, she changed her name and began to sing under the name of Trishala. She became popular in the early 1980s as a leading Nepali singer. Her most well-known album was “Nepali Love”, which included some duets with prominent singers of the time like Baba Sehgal and Jhoba Laddu. She is an accomplished medical student and has even completed a degree in dental surgery.

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